So in case you missed the sneak peek on Friday, here’ s a recap for a new project that is on the go over at the Jim McFadden Realtor Facebook page. There was a big reveal to introduce the Follow the Flip project! What exactly is FOLLOW THE FLIP, you wonder? Well, keep reading and  find out!


There once was a house that was in need of some love. Built in 1901, sitting on a spacious 46×150 lot in Old East London, this Century Old Bungalow was constructed at the same time that the London Historical society formed. Sadly, while the society still actively explores the history of London and Middlesex, this home worked its way towards becoming history. Since the days when the original owner (a local grocer) proudly called this place home, the house fell into a bad state of repairs. While the neighbourhood around it developed and flourished, this poor house was neglected and abused. Neighbours planted flowers and the Boyle Memorial Community Centre got a face-lift. One would assume that the house on Charlotte street was used for target practice, as when the keys were exchanged on this dilapidated domicile, dents and divots littered the filthy aluminum siding.

Something had to be done.

And who would be the one to step in and shine a little light on this tired shack? Why, me of course! Ironically, about a year ago I was across the street looking at another home. I glanced across the road and noticed the dated dwelling and thought to myself that it looked like it would take a lot of work to fix that old clunker up. Little did I know that the poor sap that would undertake the gargantuan job would be me! When I got a closer look at it though, I saw the potential and could not resist the challenge.

So what exactly have I done, you wonder? Well, let’s look at what I have bitten off in buying this Century charmer, shall we? This quaint little bungalow was a three-bedroom unit, with an above-ground pool situated in the backyard. The roof was fine, but that was pretty much where you had to draw the line. The rest was up for demo.

If we draw a line at the roof, that leaves a lot of house left over I’m afraid. We are talking bare bones to bring this beauty back. It started on the outside with the beaten up siding. With that removed, we were left with a layer of stunning insulbrick. While it might have been a popular paper-based siding used from the 1920-1950s, in this day and age it is not a stellar selling feature. No matter, as I envision 1″ board and batten on the outside of this gem, before I am through.

Another thing that had to go right off the hop was the pool. The pool, plus the surrounding deck, filled up most of the back yard. Now, now! I hear some of you complaining that a pool adds value to a home. True in some cases, but this green, algae-filled, mosquito-breeding ground did NOT fall into that category. It stood empty for the better part of a year, collecting rain water and scowls from the surrounding neighbours. There was a bit of yard left behind the pool for little Jimmy to play in, but it certainly wasn’t visible from the back windows. In more recent days, the back yard had been left to turn into a raging jungle of weeds as well. As you can see from the picture though, we are starting with a clean slate.

The list goes on and on. I will be updating the electrical, plumbing, windows, siding, adding a new furnace, revamping the kitchen and more. I hope that you join me in the weeks to come, as I pour some sweat equity into this potential palace to make it move in ready. Make sure to bookmark this site and check out my Facebook Page for regular updates, as I plan to take lots of photos. Until next time, FOLLOW THE FLIP with Jim “In Your Neighbourhood”!