Hello sunshine! Spirits are decidedly buoyant around the city with you around. Checking the long-range forecast, it looks like that is going to continue right into the weekend as well. Excellent! I like me some sunshine. Just in time for a long weekend too! Maybe the turkey can get cooked on the barbecue for a Thanksgiving feast on Monday? Hmm, have to talk to the wife. So, what are you up to this weekend (aside from the whole family gathering, turkey festivities thing that is)? Or does that take over your whole weekend? Good luck doing up your pants by the end of the weekend, if that’s the case! As for me, I have been at the house on Charlotte St. as often as I can this past week, so I’m thinking that more demo might not happen, what with balmy days forecast for us.


Speaking of FOLLOW THE FLIP, we have made excellent progress on the house, don’t you think? Well, you should have seen the kitchen before we started ripping out the cupboards. That empty shell of a room will eventually sport nice clean, modern appliances,  new cupboards and counters, a half wall to separate the kitchen from the open concept living room, and of course freshly painted walls and a brand-spanking new floor. You will not be able to recognize it as the same house when we are through.


I suspect that the family and I are going to be out and about enjoying the nice weather this weekend though. It will be perfect weather to pick a few apples and select a big, fat pumpkin for Halloween. Have you been out to Apple Land Station yet this Fall?  If you haven’t, then let me be the first to tell you that they groomed their sand hill, so that it is even bigger than ever! For those that have never been to Apple Land, this sand hill is a more like a mountain. The kids can scramble to the top, roll down the sides or climb through some of the tunnels found within it. There are lots of “big” kids goofing around too, so don’t feel bad about getting a little sand in your shoes Mom and Dad. Oh, and don’t forget about the train. It picks you up at the station and delivers you out to the fields where there are 14 different varieties of apples to choose from. If after all that playing around, you don’t have the energy to bake your own apple pie, you can pick one up in the bakery as well. Apple Land is always a great destination for good family fun minutes from London.


Perhaps those rays of sunshine have you more in mind of getting ahead on your winter maintenance, before you are outside doing them in your parka though. Leave the apples to the grocery store and pull out your list of things to do around the house instead then. You’ve cleaned your dryer vent, caulked the cracks and windows around the outside of the house, and swiped the dirt off of your storm windows. What else is there to do?


Well, maybe its time to pull the ladder out of the garage and climb up onto the roof for a little inspection there. As it is supposed to be dry this weekend, it is the perfect time to inspect your roof and chimney for any missing or broken shingles, as well as examining your chimney and vents for signs of damaged flashing or faulty seals. An application of roofing cement should take care of any minor problems. FYI: Bigger problems should be left to the professionals, unless you are a roofer by trade. While you are at it, a look down the chimney with a flashlight might be in order. Be on the look out for animals that might hamper Santa’s way or be cause for a chimney fire. Last but not least, don’t look down!


If you did happen to pick up a few fresh apples and you are looking for something easy to do with them, I have a suggestion for you. Apple pie requires pastry, you still have to stir together apple crisp and strudel is way beyond me! Instead of heating up the house on a lovely day, why not fire up the barbecue for grilled apples!




  • Baking apples (Rome Beauty, Jonathan, Greening, Granny Smith or whatever you picked today!)
  • Butter
  • Brown sugar or honey
  • Ground cinnamon
  • Freshly grated nutmeg
  • Chopped walnuts


For each person, tear off a square of heavy-duty foil large enough to wrap an apple. Core baking apples. Place an apple on each square of foil and fill core cavity with a pat of butter, a tablespoon of brown sugar or honey, sprinkle of cinnamon and a pinch of nutmeg and a few chopped nuts. Pull up foil around apple and bake until done over hot fire.


There you have a perfect way to finish off a meal, as well as a sunny day. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!