Well, it looks like it might be a bit of a drab weekend in the Forest City this week. Forecast calls for rain, rain and more of it. Certainly nothing like the 20+ Celsius weather we had last weekend, but no matter. There is still plenty to fill the hours with.

For starters, you can catch up on our FOLLOW THE FLIP! The house on Charlotte St. is coming along. What have we been up to, you wonder? Well, see for yourself;

Back to the Bare Walls in the Kitchen



Do you know how much filth was in that kitchen? A little elbow grease would have gone a long way, but we used a crow bar instead!



New Windows in the Living Room




Let the light shine in! It doesn’t look like much yet, but those big, new windows will see tonnes of bright light pouring into the living room all winter long. It will be cozy and snug in here, no matter the weather outside.



Deconstructed Bathroom




Who doesn’t love a sparkling new bathroom? Doesn’t this room just invite you to unwind and relax? Well, maybe not quite yet, but after my team puts some blood, sweat and tears into this bathroom it will be ahhh-some!



Arctic Exhibit at the London Children's Museum

Now brush the dirt off and jump into the rest of your weekend. Here’s a family friendly suggestion, if you are looking to get out and about this weekend. Have you been to the London Children’s Museum recently with the kids? Did you know that they recently reopened their new and improved Arctic exhibit? That’s right! It is fresh, fun and interactive. You can hear native singers, watch the Northern Lights and read words in their local language. Plus you can practice your kayaking skills or crawl through the Umingmak seen to the left.

The Museum still has all your other favourite exhibits too, like the sands of Jellyfish Junction, the caves of Dinosaurs and of course Sifton Street! This weekend, they also have “THE EARTH RANGERS BRING BACK THE WILD™ SHOW ” on Saturday October 15th, from 1-4pm with live animals that you get to MEET AND GREET at the end of the show. Don’t worry if you can’t make it this weekend though, as you can catch the show again on October 22nd too!


What about you slave drivers out there that are trying to get to the bottom of your to-do list before the snow flies? Do you need some suggestions of other DIY projects that you can tackle around the house? Let’s see, have you changed your furnace filter recently? For those of you with 1″ filters, you should be changing them once a month. They run around $10 and up at your local big box stores, but if you are willing to buy in bulk you might find a good deal ordering them through FurnaceFilters.ca. If you have a 4″-5″ filter you can get away with changing them less frequently (once or twice a year), but they cost a little more. In the grand scheme of things, they do a better job of cleaning the air though. Regardless, it is important to change your filter on the suggested schedule, as filters remove dust, pollen, animal dander, smoke and other allergens from your home. Plus, a furnace filter actually extends the life of your heating system, as then it does not have to work as hard. So why not head down to the basement, slide out the dirty filter and pop in a brand new one right now. It will save you money and improve your overall health, which is more precious than any money in the bank.


And what am I going to be doing this weekend? Well, maybe I will rake some leaves if the sun peeks out. I better change my furnace filter too, but really I am leaning towards just relaxing with the kids. Down time is important, don’t you know! Whatever I get up to, I will be around the neighbourhood though. Have a super weekend!