I have a special treat for you today. I know that you have all been sitting on the edge of your seats checking out my FOLLOW THE FLIP on Charlotte St. Yes, it is going along smoothly, but this week I want to introduce something NEW!! Dum, tum, ta da, presenting:



That’s right, not only can you Follow the Flip on Charlotte St., but now you can also watch me transform a second house right around the corner on Lorne Ave! This 1908 two-story charmer was originally owned by a CPR Engineer, but the love that he put into this house over one hundred years ago, is long since gone.


The curb appeal on this home leaves a little to be desired, but that was nothing compared to the inside of this house or the back yard. Yes, it might not have looked so bad from the front yard, but the back yard left a LOT to be desired. There could have been a covered porch or maybe just an overhanging awning. Hard to tell by what you see today. Now there is mismatched bricks and dirty old windows overlooking a vacant yard. Down right depressing, I have to tell you.


Speaking of the yard, oh my but was that a treat! Overgrown weeds and other nasty vegetation complimented the dilapidated sheds that lined the edge of the property. We pulled out innumerable rusty tools, nails and other scary detritus that was far past its best before date. In fact, after dropping off debris from both the inside and outside of the house, we managed to cash in on a small fortune in recycling fees from Tri-Recycling. Enough to pay for our tetanus shots for the whole crew! Ha-ha, I jest (but we did have on our gloves in handling all the junk that we cleared out of this house! Can’t be too careful!!)


Well, the outside was less than stellar, but the inside was another story entirely. In fact, the inside is worthy of a whole post of its own! Suffice it to say that this house is definitely worthy of a flip as well. It needs a whole big helping of TLC and I am the man who is willing to do the job. There is cleanup needed galore and trips to the dump times a million, but Follow along to see how we transform this neglected house into a stunning home that will be move-in ready by the time that we are done with it. So buckle up and enjoy the ride as we now get to FOLLOW THE FLIP 2!