Its downright COLD out there! Brrr… Good thing I finished the raking the leaves last week. Time for some inside projects today I think. So what kind of torturous tasks have I thought up for you today? Well, let’s step into the kitchen, shall we. You might want to put on a pair of gloves while you are at it, as things might get a little dirty today. It is time to clean your kitchen appliances!



Let’s start with the stove, shall we? When was the last time you cleaned your oven? Do you have people coming over for dinner at all over the holidays? Do you want them to catch sight of the filth that is breeding in there? Or perhaps you would rather just have them smell it, as last week’s casserole that bubbled over has now permanently soiled the bottom of your poor oven. Do yourself a favour and turn on the self-cleaning function! Take out the oven racks first and wipe out the worst of the crumbs and other food debris, then close the door and find something to do for a few hours. Self-cleaning ovens  incinerate anything within them at temperatures up to 900 F or 500 C and take about three hours to complete their cycle. When it is done, all you have to do is wipe out any remaining ash and pop your clean oven racks back in, so that you will be good to go to stuff your turkey in there on Christmas.


How about some of the other appliances in the kitchen. If you can take the heat, then perhaps while the oven is cleaning, you can tackle the fridge. While you might protest and tell me that the inside of your fridge is spotless, how about the outside. More specifically, have you cleaned the condenser coils or the compressor area of your fridge? I didn’t think so. Don’t think I’m picking on you, as most people only clean these areas once or twice a year, if ever. Keeping those areas clean and free of dust, pet hair and debris will help your refrigerator to run more efficiently and ultimately save you money though. Here’s a quick video that gives you a couple of handy hints of how to go about doing it;


Now, another area that I am always slack in remembering is the dishwasher. You would think that it would be a clean item, just by its very nature, but you would be surprised what gets left behind after a wash cycle. While most debris is washed away, it is important to check and clean your filter trap about once a month. While you are at it, check your hot water tank’s temperature setting too. The dishwasher needs temperatures of 140-160 F to effectively clean your dishes or else they will just be dirty when you take them out again. The spray arm should also be inspected to make sure that it is free of clogs and spinning properly. One last tip is to run your dishwasher with one of the cheapest and best cleaning products I know – vinegar. After you have checked and inspected your filter and washing arms, place 3 Cups of vinegar in a bowl on the bottom rack of your dishwasher and run the washer for one complete cycle. You will have a fresh and sparkling dishwasher in no time!

And please don’t ask me when the last time mine was done, as I will kindly refrain from answering. You better believe that it will be done before you know it though. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think that I have a little bit of cleaning to do. Can you hand me those rubber gloves? Have fun cleaning!