O Christmas Tree
O Christmas Tree
How lovely are thy branches…

Lighting of the Lights in Victoria Park

And on Friday night at 6:50pm, the Christmas lights in Victoria Park will be lit up again for another season of holiday cheer! That’s right, the Lighting of the Lights ceremony is this Friday and with over 75,000 lights ready to be lit, it should be dazzling yet again.  The festivities start at 6:15pm on November 25th in Victoria Park, but the lights will be lit every evening until January 1st, 2012. This year sounds like it will be even more fun too, as the Lighting of the Lights is going to be coordinated with The Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary Relay. Yes, the final medal bearer will enter the park and address the crowd at 6:30pm, right before the lights are lit up. Plus, you can drop off name suggestions for this year’s newest holiday display. The person that picks the best name for the Name the Festive Train contest will win a $50 Spectrum gift certificate, so get your thinking caps on now!

I am thinking “Festive Train“. What’s your thought?


What about the Christmas lights at your house? Have you tackled that little project yet? Do you have Santa sticking out of your chimney or Rudolph and his gang of reindeer grazing in your front yard?  If you are a member of the Griswald family, I seriously want you to send me pictures! Please!!

At my house, the wife insists on tasteful. Lights on the roof line, and we might shake it up this year with some floodlights. Or maybe it is just that I get shaky at the thought of heights and can only handle so long on the ladder. If you have the same problem, I heard tell about a new company in town that can help you with your Christmas lighting. They are actually a tree services company, but they branched out a few years ago to Christmas Decor too. I am talking about the local CLC Tree Services, owned by Curt McCallum. They provide the lights, labour and take it all down again at the end of the season. A pretty good deal, if you don’t want to mess with untangling the Christmas lights again yourself.

Lighting Up the Christmas Night with CLC

Doesn’t that look nice? If you do put up your Christmas lights yourself, be careful on that ladder. A fall off a ladder right before Christmas would just put a damper on the festivities, not to mention cutting into your shopping time! Since Santa has arrived in the malls, I guess it is time that I wished you a Merry Christmas too!

And a Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends as well! Have a great weekend.