Oh the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful
And since we’ve no place to go
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! *

Well it is certainly frightful out today, but with temperatures still well above zero, thankfully we haven’t been buried under a blanket of snow just yet. So, since it is too wet outside to do any exterior work, perhaps you can retreat inside to tackle some inside projects today. I think I know a project that quite a few of you will be undertaking around your home in the very near future too – Decorating for the Holidays!

Tomorrow is the last day of November, then the official push is on to Christmas at my house. There are only 25 days til the big guy comes down the chimney and I think it is high time that I got to work decorating for his arrival. If you haven’t worked on your exterior holiday display, that will have to wait for another day. Today, I am thinking wreathes, ribbons, bows and natural flourishes! I know that everyone has their own traditions, but I thought I would share some simple decorating ideas that I have come across recently.

  • Gold, silver or white spray-painted pine cones can add a festive touch to any home and cost almost nothing. Toss them into a simple bowl for a natural touch to your holiday decor

  • Alternately, you can wire a few large pine cones together, tie them with a pretty bow and hang them on your door for a lovely way to greet your guests
  • How about creating a festive candle centrepiece from simple twigs and branches? That will brighten your room and satisfy your crafty craving
  • If you have more than enough decorations for your tree, then why not take some of your extra balls and arrange them in a glass vase on the coffee table? Elegant!
  • Bring the outdoors in. Trim your boxwood, cedar or other evergreen trees/bushes and accent your mantel with their boughs
  • Add a splash of colour with cranberries! Poured into your vase of flowers, they will be a pleasant surprise your guests
  • Don’t forget about the traditional studded oranges. Pop some cloves into an orange and let your home be filled with its wonderful scent
  • Dig out an old frame, attach some new ribbons and place your recent family portrait in it.
  • And who among us doesn’t have a little Martha that we aspire to? Instead of hanging the holly in the entry, why not make an oval holly wreath!
  • Or perhaps you can just simply make some spice bags out of pretty plaid or festive fabric to hang from your kitchen window

Now I am going to run out to pick up a fresh poinsettia to place on the hall table. Don’t forget to share some of your favourite holiday decorating tips with me!

Happy Decorating!

*Lyrics by Sammy Cahn & composed by Jule Styne © 1945