Have you been downtown recently? Done any shopping or wandering around at all in the London core? If you haven’t, you should consider taking a trip down. Downtown London is quite the neat place to be nowadays. You want fun for the whole family? Well, Downtown London has it!

Starting at the multi-purpose  John Labatt Centre in London’s core, you can check out a hockey game, rock out to hip and modern concerts (like Kelly Clarkson, Hedley or Neil Diamond in June!), or even be cultured by Broadway in London shows like Fiddler on the Roof or Riverdance! Before a show, you even have the option to dine at the on-sight “Talbot Restaurant” conveniently located on the 200 level. In fact, if you haven’t stepped inside the building since it opened in 2002, why not head down there this weekend. The annual Open House Skate is this Sunday December 11th, from 11am-1pm. Don’t forget the kids helmets!

There are loads of other fabulous finds surrounding the JLC as well. In fact right across the street is the Covent Garden Market. From organic meat, to artisan bread, plus fresh vegetables every colour of the rainbow, you’ll have dinner covered after stopping here! On Thursdays and Saturdays they even hold a Farmer’s Market featuring fruit, vegetables, flowers, bread, jams and more! You can see from the picture that they have their annual ice rink started too (although I don’t think it is quite ready yet). The kids will love heading downtown to do a few laps on this free rink, followed by a trip inside for a hot chocolate or other sweet treat.

Speaking of sweet treats, I just have to show you these irresistible looking candy apples that I saw at Forrat’s Chocolates. Oh my God, I am drooling! If candy apples aren’t your thing, then I am sure you won’t be able to resist their truffles. Did I mention all of their luscious creations are made fresh on site? Right now the shelves are lined with gift baskets, chocolate dipped pretzels, seasonally themed chocolate pops and more. It is worth chatting with the friendly franchise owner Roger Carlos too, as he can fill you in on what is on special, new things he is working on and seems to be open to suggestions as well!

If you are looking for something to feed your brain though, why not head in the other direction towards Museum London. This home for visual art and material culture is worth checking out for an afternoon. If you want to get more involved in art, why not take a class though? On Sunday afternoons from 1-3:45pm, join the Imagination Station with Claire Bice Creative Studio. This family friendly afternoon is all about getting creative with your kids and having fun with art. If you would rather have a little free time while junior explores his inner Picasso, they have an assortment of camps available as well, be it for a PD Day, Winter Break or just a regular Saturday class. If all that creativity sounds too good to pass up, don’t worry as you can find a class or workshop of your own to join whether you want to try your hand at drawing, watercolour or even sculpture. Plus, Museum London probably has just about the best space in the city to work on your inner peace with a little yoga over-looking the Thames River. Yes, I am in touch with my ohm, no matter what my wife says! And as a last note, did I mention that you can visit Museum London for the price of a donation? After wandering around this beautiful facility, you just might be the wanting to rent it for your next function. Yes, you can do that too!

That is just the tip of the iceberg of what Downtown London has to offer though. Victoria Park always has something on the go. The Central Library is great for borrowing books, but also has plenty of workshops, shows and concerts going on too.  If you want to eat, high-quality restaurants pack King St and Richmond Row, to mention just two hopping districts. You can’t beat The Grand for top-notch live theatre. You want more though, why not check out the Downtown London website to see for yourself why you should head downtown! Food, entertainment, shopping and more. We’ve got it all in the best city in Southwestern Ontario!

If you don’t live here, why NOT! Call me. I can bring all of this to your neighbourhood.