There’s twelve days till Christmas
and what should you do?
You’ve decorated the lawn,
plus the roof too.

If you haven’t trimmed the tree
you’re running out of time.
So grab a garland & the tinsel
Here’s the angel – up you climb!

Mama’s in her apron
baking cookies with rosy cheeks
While Papa’s fixing the railing
that he’s been promising to do for weeks

He better finish fast
as the in-laws are on the way
with lots of toys for Junior
and disparaging looks at granddad’s DIY parquet.

It’s time to polish the silver.
Don’t forget the fireplace hearth
As the bigger guest will notice
and tick naughty against your worth

So excuse me as I retire
to finish my Christmas wrapping
Who took the last roll of paper?
And what’s in the present that’s dripping?

Well, it looks like I’m back to the store
to pick up a few things forgotten
Good thing that I checked my list twice
As Christmas Eve would be too late, I reckon.

Before I drive out of sight
I leave you with this reminder
Happy Holidays is alright
but its always better over mulled apple cider.*

Ho, ho, ho!

*Poem written by Katherine Krige