The holidays have come and gone. If you haven’t taken down or disposed of your Christmas tree, now is the time. Christmas tree depots are open until January 9th at various locations around London, ON. It’s time to pack up the rest of the holiday trimmings as well. Plus decide whether you are going to keep some of those questionable gifts you received or trek back to the store to pick out something that you really wanted. Don’t stop once the Christmas decor is gone though. Now is the time for a good old-fashioned cleaning, plus a perfect time to get your home organized!


  • As Christmas decorations are packed away is the perfect time to do a deep cleaning of your home. Move the furniture around to get the vacuum into all the nooks and crannies that sometimes get missed over the course of light cleaning. Don’t forget the baseboards while you are at it! Check for cobwebs over your head too.
  • Take a look in your fridge and check the labels. Over the course of the year, how often do you check best before dates? Not often, I would guess. A fresh year deserves some fresh condiments. Chuck all containers that are past their best before dates and clean the shelves and drawers while you are at it.
  • Don’t stop there! Peek into your medicine cabinet and inspect the dates on all your medication as well. So often we buy products on an as needed basis, but the need doesn’t arise again for a while. Collect any medications that are past their best before dates. Note that while some things are safe to toss in the garbage, other items may not be appropriate to dispose of in your regular trash. If in doubt, contact your local pharmacy to ask inquire as to proper disposal and return hazardous materials to the pharmacy for proper disposal.
  • January has always been known for its “white” sales. Now is the ideal time to restock your linen closet with fresh towels, sheets and pillows. While you are pulling out the old linens, do a thorough clean of the interior as well. As you restock the closet, organize the new linens according to colour, family member, bed size or guest products. Be creative, but make it neat so that you can find what you need easily the next time you are looking for it.
  • I have a project for you that will clear your house and mind with (possibly) minimal effort by you. How about tackling the junk drawer, catchall corner or cluttered counter? We all have them. That space in your home where you toss items that you have yet to file, aren’t ready to dispose of just yet, or just aren’t sure what to do with. The new year is the best time to be critical and purge. If you haven’t touched it in 6 months, do you really need to keep it? If the answer is “No”, then toss it. If it is something that you still think you might need, find a proper home for it. Your junk drawer might still get refilled, but you will breathe a sigh of relief when that nagging clutter is gone for the time being.
  • What  about a fresh coat of paint in the house? This is a reasonably quick and easy project to revitalize your home, with a fairly small price tag for the efforts. It is amazing what clean walls can do for your state of mind and the look of a home.
  • Why not think about purging other items from your home. If Santa was good to you and/or the kids, take stock of your space. Donate old toys, clothes, household appliances and more to a charity of your choice (Canadian Diabetes Association and Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy will both schedule pickups of gently used clothing, blankets and other small household goods). You will feel good about helping out others, but even better about having a less cluttered home to live in.


If you have other home organization tips for the new year, please feel free to drop me a line.  I would love to hear how you freshen up your home to start the new year off right!