Are the gray days getting to you yet my fellow Londoners? Well, don’t let the drab weather get you down this weekend. Instead, treat yourself to a little local entertainment with The Wine & Food Show at the Western Fair District. The 7th annual show starts today and runs through this weekend. There will be food to nibble on, wine to sip and lots of local wine connoisseurs to confer with as you work your way through the exhibitors in the Progress Building. Doors open at 5pm this evening (January 12th). The hours are 5pm-10:30pm on January 12th and 13th, and  noon to 10:30pm on Saturday January 14th. For the low price of $12 at the door, you can watch cooking demonstrations, attend seminars and on Friday the ladies will be treated to a special Firefighters Calendar fashion show, that I’m sure will light a fire or two with the crowd. You might want to send the wife with her girlfriends for that one guys! Just saying.


Maybe while the girls are out whooping it up, I can catch you guys up on what’s going on at Charlotte St on my FOLLOW THE FLIP. As you know, the outside of the house now looks stunning (if I do say so myself), so we moved inside to give this old bungalow a little more TLC. You won’t find any studs in here anymore, as I am happy to report that drywalling had been completed. We have walls back again people! Even better, a few gallons of paint have also been opened and applied here and there. But will you check out those joints! Not a seam to be seen! Don’t mind the floor though. We will get to that soon enough.


And over here we have the bathroom. Not exactly spa perfect yet, but a far cry better than it used to be.

Bathroom – BEFORE
Bathroom – AFTER








Don’t you think? Well, I think it is going to look great. Just you wait and see!


Now perhaps, as I scrub primer off my hands, I will have myself a nice glass of that Cabernet Sauvignon that my wife brought home from the show. You know she seems to be in a really good mood too. Maybe I will have to make sure that she goes to the Wine & Food show every year? If you go, let me know how it is. I’ll be finishing up the painting on Charlotte, as the rest of you lot enjoy yourself.