As the New Year settles in, it is a time for renewal for both your life and home. Many of you may have started off 2012 with resolutions like losing weight, getting fit, eating better or spending more time with family and friends. These are goals that are noble, but sometimes difficult to maintain if the spirit is weak. If you crave a fresh start that will last, why not think about a fresh coat of paint for your home. It is one of the easiest ways  to achieve that sense of change, power and renewal and you don’t have to sweat for hours at the gym to gain it. From a real estate agent’s perspective, it also increases the value of your home, but doesn’t kill the pocketbook in the process. Sounds like a winner idea to me!

Colour Trends for 2012

So if painting your home sounds easier than shedding that spare tire, why not head to the paint store and grab a few samples today! Every year there are new trends in the colour palette and it can all be a little confusing at times. Is fuchsia the colour of the year? And does it go with the teal couch you bought last year? Hmm…

Relax! While your favourite colour is always in (within the bounds of your own home at least), there are plenty of experts out there that predict what the hot new colours are for the year. And this year’s hot colours are not burnt orange or canary yellow, but I can enlighten you at least as to where on the colour wheel you may want to start looking for that trendy new shade for the kitchen or bathroom.

Across the board of paint companies, it would seem that blue is where it is at. This year, shades of blue create a calming effect during the continued rough economic slide we have been facing. There is enough chaos on the world scale to leave most people needing that quiet, peaceful space to retreat to, of which blue just seems to resonate. Look for Wythe Blue, Amethyst Shadow and Montpelier (all from Benjamin Moore), to create that oasis from the storm outside.

That is complimented by a handful of other earth tones, of which gray seems to be the leader. Thank clay, smoke, nimbus and sharkskin. They are cool, timeless and safe to use in any room of the house.

Follow those up with your other earth tones in green, brown and white and we spell neutral all over. Truly, it is a real estate agent’s dream, as the neutral palette is always a good sell when it is time to put that for sale sign on the front yard.

If you are craving a splash of colour to liven up your space though and just aren’t feeling the grays, why not look to the pink family? Beauti-Tone has a delicate Japanese Blossom that is mature enough for the bedroom or entry-way. Sico also has the pulse on pinks with a pleasing Chili Bean or the darker Blackcurrant Syrup, both of which would make excellent accent colours to make your gray pop. It’s not just for the baby girl’s room any more!


Regardless of what colour you pick though, remember that a fresh coat of paint will liven up any room of your house. And that goes a long way to putting the perfect start to 2012!