Another home Sold In the Neighbourhood! And that despite a market that is always affected by fluctuations in the local economy, job availability and world markets that are being rocked fiercely from one day to the next. Are you thinking about making a change in your residence this year? Perhaps upgrading, downsizing or just relocating for work? Do you know some of the tricks to ensure that your home sells, when you go to put it on the market? Here are a few suggestions for you;


    • We all know that a fresh coat of paint goes a long way to updating a home, but have you thought about updating some of your taps to make your kitchen or bath shine? For a relatively small sum, you can install new faucets in your house to give a sleek modern look. That grungy, dripping tap just screams dated, but with a few twists of a wrench, you can pop in a subtle wow factor to your kitchen. And by the way, KITCHENS SELL HOUSES!

Source: via Mary on Pinterest

    • Another relatively cheap upgrade in the kitchen is the addition of new hardware to cupboards and drawers. Forget dated brass and throw out the worn plastic! New hardware in the kitchen can completely transform the look of old cabinets without the expense of renovating the whole kitchen. If you want to showcase your kitchen, but can’t afford the big budget reno, then hardware is the way to go!
  • While you are switching out hardware, take a look around at other areas of your home that might have a tired feel to them.If cleaning the bugs out of the 70s glass globe over your kitchen table just doesn’t feel like quite enough, head over to the lighting store for a look at what is new in lighting.You might be surprised by how different a room feels with a change in light fixutre.For the price of a new light fixture, you might even find a few extra buyers that want to cozy up to your home for good!
  • You might have been dreaming about a new backsplash for a while, but if you haven’t gotten around to this easy upgrade already, now is definitely the time to do it. With the wide range of materials and colours available, this straightforward project can punch up the pizzazz in your kitchen. The clean lines of a fresh backsplash will draw the eye of any potential new buyer, so think about it today. It can be as easy as just behind the stove, to a whole accent wall, but a quick sale will make it all worthwhile.
  • Thinking outside of the kitchen and almost outside the house, another relatively easy upgrade is to your front door. As that is the first thing that any potential home buyer sees when walking into your home, you just simply can’t ignore it. Making the investment to update your old front door to a new steel door or at the very least painting your existing door puts your home’s best face forward. A steel door can improve energy efficiency and security, as well as the overall look of your facade, but an eye-popping colourful entrance way can’t be beat either.

Source: via Stephanie on Pinterest