The motorcycles have revved out-of-town for now, but the RVs are rumbling in. If you are looking to escape the up and down nature of the weather this weekend, then how about escaping to the 39th Annual RV show at the Western Fair from February 17th-20th. Doors open on the 17th from 10am-9pm, on the 18th from 10am-7pm and 10am-5pm on the 19th-20th. If summer still seems so far off, as to not be able to remember it, then do a little dreaming by wandering through a double-wide or two at the Agriplex building this weekend. Here’s a little taste of what you have in store at Southwestern Ontario’s largest RV show if you go;


If hooking up the fifth wheel just doesn’t sound like good times to you, then how about organizing a closet or two? I bet I have your interest now! Or not, but every once in a while it is worth your time to peek into the storage spaces in your home. If you live in fear of being buried under an avalanche of stuff every time you open the closet door, then now is definitely the time to attack this project. Your first step is to throw open that door and jump back to make sure that you aren’t swept away by the debris that falls out. Once the dust has settled, then it is time to put on your hard hat and move in. Time to PURGE! Be ruthless. If you haven’t worn it since the 90s or you can’t remember what the original colour was, because it has faded so much, then toss it. At the end of the day you will feel lighter and happier for your efforts. Plus, you just might find that you have some items that you haven’t been able to get at in a while, so it could be just like Christmas all over again.


Your next step is to put your remaining items back into the closet, but before you do, now is the perfect time to organize your closet to maximize the space that you have. Take stock of what items you will be putting back into your closet and re-think how you can store them. Perhaps rods hung at different heights would make more sense to accommodate everything from long dresses to folded pants. This also allows for more space for shelves for items like sweaters or blankets. Shoes can be stored in canvas shoe shelves to make for a cleaner floor space. Wire baskets or clear boxes allow you to be able to see more than just the top item available. And it might also be the perfect time to upgrade from the wire hangers that seem to breed in closets. Sturdy wood, padded or plastic hangers work much better at keeping the shape for your clothes. If you have spent all that money on the clothes, it only makes sense to take care of them so that they last.


After all that work re-organizing, why not stack up a drink to celebrate your newly organized closet with this layered shot. Aptly named the Mind Eraser, it will help ease the stress of purging, planning and getting it done. what other excuse do you need?



  • 1/4 cup coffee-flavored liqueur (such as Kahlua®)
  • 1/4 cup lemon-lime soda (such as Sprite®)
  • 1/4 cup vodka


Grab a shot glass. Pour in your coffee-flavoured liquor. Gently pour the lemon-lime soda over it. With a steady hand, layer the vodka on top. Voila! Now shoot it back!

If you would prefer to have this in a cocktail glass, add lots of ice and suck it through a straw. You can adjust your levels to 1 1/4 oz coffee liquor, 3/4 oz  vodka and a splash of soda.

Enjoy and have a fabulous weekend folks!