Did you know that London, Ontario is a great place to live and work? Well, it is! I wouldn’t call it home and promote it to all and sundry, if it weren’t. And deep in the heart of the Forest City is a neighbourhood known as Woodfield, that I have wandered through with many a client over my 20+ years in the real estate industry. This special neighbourhood is getting some well-deserved attention this week. The Canadian Association of Planners is running their annual Great Places in Canada contest and Woodfield has been nominated. In fact, with almost 23,000 votes, it seems to be leading the pack as far as contenders go.

If you are new to London or have lived here long enough, but still aren’t sure where exactly Woodfield is, let me enlighten you a little. The bounds of Woodfield stretch from Richmond to Adelaide and lie between Dundas  and the CPR tracks close to Oxford in the north. That means that Centennial Hall, Victoria Park and a whole mittful of beautiful old homes, in a wide variety of sizes, lie in this pristine neighbourhood. Richmond Row provides excellent shopping and dining experiences and culture oozes from the likes of Italianate, Second Empire, High Victorian Gothic, Gothic Revival and Queen Anne style buildings.

And now all of Canada is being asked to be the judge of this little neck of the woods in London. As a Londoner and real estate agent, that makes me pretty proud. So if you haven’t already, why not swing by the Great Places in Canada website and cast your vote for Woodfield – the best neighbourhood in Canada! Voting is open til February 29th, so Vote Woodfield Today!