The temperatures may be fluctuating between snow and sweet, warm sunshine, but regardless of the mercury, Spring is here to stay. I have already made a few suggestions for early spring projects, but there is still plenty to do around your house and home. I am sure that your lawn chairs have come out of winter storage, but how many other tasks have been checked off the list as far as Spring maintenance goes? Do you need to make a new list? I know that I do, so am willing to bet there are a few others of you out there too. Wouldn’t you rather be outside anyway? Come on, let’s get to it!


  • Prune, trim and remove any perennials that were left for winter interest in your garden, including those that did not survive. That means cutting grasses back, trimming sedums and hydrangeas of last year’s flower heads, plus pruning dead wood from rose bushes and dogwoods. You can also now cut back raspberry canes and last year’s clematis to promote new growth.
  • Give your garden a leg up by amending your garden’s soil. Empty your composter into garden beds and watch your plants thrive with the new nutrients available.
  • Since you are already working hard to improve the look of your garden, grab an edger and give a fresh edge to garden beds. It will help when it comes time to mow the grass as well.

Agri-Fab tine dethatcher pulled by a lawn tractor

  • Now that you have moved into the lawn, grab your rake or dethatcher and dethatch the grass. A light raking will break up any compacted areas, as well as remove last year’s dead leaves that escaped fall cleanup.
  • While you are at it, have  your lawn aerated to improve oxygen flow to the roots. This will strengthen your grass and lessen the amount of weeds to combat.
  • For more weed deterrents, top-dress, apply spring fertilizer, and reseed the lawn as necessary. The stronger your grass, the less chance weeds will get to establish a foothold in your precious green space.
  • Before you pull the lawn mower out of winter hibernation, oil and sharpen its blades. Don’t forget the rest of your garden tools too!
  • Kilmeadan - The Cosy Thatch Pub rain barrel

    Take advantage of the April showers by installing a rain barrel in your yard. When the hot, dry days of summer take hold, you will be glad you did and so will the plants in your garden.

  • Don’t forget about the wildlife that visits your garden either. Thoroughly clean any feeders or bird bathes before setting them out for the season. That goes for your toad homes and bat houses as well! Many of the birds, butterflies, bats and other critters that swing through your yard are beneficial to your garden, often fertilizing plants and eating detrimental bugs that would otherwise devastate your yard. A healthy garden includes local wildlife, so support them in your cause.