Folks in London, Ontario are in for a treat this weekend. Whether you are into stained glass, fabrics, metal works, pottery, wood working or even paintings, there will be something to pique the interest of any art afficienado around, at the 2012 London Artists’ Studio Tour. From Friday April 13th through Sunday the 15th, you will get the chance to meet the artists in their homes and/or studios for the 19th annual London Artists’ Studio Tour. Not only will you get the chance to ask questions about the creative process, but you even get the opportunity to purchase art right from the creator! If you ask me, that makes for a more personalized and special way to decorate your home.

With over 20 artists participating in this year’s studio tour, I thought I would highlight a few of the different artists that will be in attendance during this self-guided tour. That’s right, you get the opportunity to visit whichever artists you want, whenever you want over the weekend. My suggestion to you though is, if you intend to buy anything go Friday night, as snacks and refreshments will be available at all of the stops en route and selection will be at peak. Nothing better to tempt the eye, than with a full tummy, I’d say! The hours of the tour are as follows, but check out the online map or pick up a brochure from one of the artists for location information. Perhaps I’ll bump into you on the tour this weekend. See you then!

Friday 13th, 2012: 7:00pm – 9:30pm
Saturday 14th, 2012: 10:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday 15th, 2012: 12:00 – 5:00pm




ACME ANIMAL (Metalwork)

Acme Animal is Sue Parke, Nancy Clarke, and Don Gidley, a group of artists who work together to produce folk art with an urban sensibility. Their metalwork emphasizes colour and whimsy, and ranges from clocks and candleholders to sculptures.


CAROL CLARK (Painting)

Needing to do something dierent and challenging, Carol began painting in oil this year after more than 25 years of working in watercolour. She has found it energizing and fun to work on mostly landscapes on big canvases. Carol will also be showing watercolours, cards and other small items.


DOUG MAGRATH (Woodturning)

Doug makes functional bowls and platters on local hardwoods as well as elegant decorative burl bowls, hollow forms, vases, threaded boxes and many smaller items. He has been a full-time woodturner since 1997.



The discovery of a striking turquoise matte glaze with an exceedingly smooth surface complements Elly’s functional pottery. Decorative surfaces lend a sense of spontaneity to her disciplined pieces such as mugs and dip dishes. Another facet of her work this year is painted bird imagery on large platters.



Lynette is a painter on glass in the ancient tradition of European cathedral windows. She uses the same meticulous techniques as the medieval artists she admires. Lynette relaxes from this intensive work by drawing with coloured pencil on black paper en plein air. She restores stained glass windows and teaches all levels in her studio Rose Window Stained Glass.



Colour is Shirley’s passion. From her attic full of wool, alpaca, silk, llama, mohair etc., she weaves multi-textured pillows in several sizes. She also makes vibrant sculpted scarves. Shirley loves to do commissions, and would be pleased to work with your own special colours.