Sign is in the yard on 509 Charlotte St!


While the For Sale sign has been battered by the winds this week over on Charlotte St, it hasn’t stopped work from progressing around the corner at the house on Lorne Ave. That’s right, I haven’t forgotten about the other little project that I have on the go. In fact there has been a lot of progress over at my second FOLLOW THE FLIP home and today I thought I would share what’s new with my FOLLOW THE FLIP 2.


The last I mentioned, demo had been done on Lorne Ave and the process of putting the house back in order was underway. Well, you will be amazed by the transformation. Some of the many renovations that were slated to be worked on were updating the electrical, gutting and transforming the bathroom into a peaceful retreat, adding a sliding glass door onto the back of the house to bring additional light into the newly expanded kitchen, and so much more. As you can see looking from the front towards the back, the house has opened up a lot. What you see in the picture to the left is the makings of a beautiful eat-in kitchen with a sliding glass door that opens up to a brand new patio area.


And when you look at the house from the back, you can now spy the brand new deck that was freshly built outside of that sliding door. Can’t you just picture yourself sitting under an umbrella at a little table sipping an icy cold margarita this summer? There is room for a barbeque too! The best part is that your yard will be an open slate, ready for you to plant your very own gardens to spruce the place up to your own specifications. Don’t worry about the inside though, as we are going to have that completely done for you.


Back inside, you can see by all the tape lines that drywalling has been completed. As promised, the old knob and tube wiring is now a thing of the past as well. In fact, if you look closely, you can see where some fancy pendants will eventually hang above a custom kitchen island in the near future. This kitchen is going to be bright, modern and the pièce de résistance of this home.


That isn’t the only upgrade though. The bathroom has been purged of its pink tub and walls, and is now a clean white. The rest of the upstairs walls have seen their fair share of mud as well, including this corner of the stairwell seen on the right. There will be a fresh coat of paint everywhere upstairs (and down) and not a dust bunny to be found.


We aren’t quite there yet though, so you will have to check back with us in the near future to see how the transformations are coming along.  Until then, you are welcome to browse through the other articles in this blog, featuring DIY tips and projects, home decorating ideas, suggestions to help you succeed in the real estate market, and activities to see and do around London, Ontario. Lots to explore! See you soon!