Remember when I mentioned the other day that it was time to clear out your home of its excess stuff (Garage Sale time, let’s purge)? Well, now is the time to restock your home with new finds. Garage Sale season has officially started and I know of at least two large sales going on this weekend!


First off, let’s look at a local group of women who are reaching out via their Home and School Association at Tecumseh Public School. Enter the Mum To Mum Sale! From 9am-2pm on Saturday May 5th at Tecumseh Public School (401 Tecumseh Ave E), you can help this group raise money to purchase new playground equipment. I hear tell they are going to have over 30 tables set up, with everything from Avon products to sparkle tattoos and tonnes of kid stuff in between (ie, gently used clothes, toys, furniture and other gear). They would really appreciate it if you could stop by and support their efforts, plus you might just get the steal of the season, especially if you are in the market for bracelets, headbands, hair clips or handmade cards from Hailey’s Helping Hands (Hailey is a 6 yr-old girl raising money for sick kids, through the sale of her handmade products).


Head to Ilderton this weekend for their annual town-wide garage sale!

Maybe you aren’t in the market for kid paraphernalia anymore though or want more variety to choose from? Well, I know of another place where you have the pick of the town (literally) as far as garage sales go. Just minutes from London is the community of Ilderton and they are having their annual town-wide garage sale this Saturday (May 5th) from 8am-1pm. The event is rain or shine, so get out early for the best choices. In previous years, there have been over 100 participants, so make sure that you leave lots of space in your vehicle for all the potential finds you might come across. Not to be outdone by Tecumseh PS, donations will also be accepted in Ilderton at participating vendors, with money raised going towards Mission Peru. I bet you can’t stop at just one sale!


If you would rather get your hands dirty in the ground versus from other people’s old junk, then how about heading over to one of the City of London’s locations for Compost Value Day? You can go to Amway (375 Exeter Rd. at White Oak Rd.), Masonville Place (Fanshawe & Richmond) or Try Recycling (enter off Medway Rd., East of Clarke Rd., between 8am-2pm and purchase 30 litres of compost for a mere $3! If you forget to bring your own container, add $1 to the cost, but that’s still a steal for any of you avid gardeners who want to get out there gardening this weekend! The proceeds go to London & Area Food Bank, Boys and Girls Club, St. Leonard’s Society, Thames Region Ecological Association, London Composts and Community Garden Project (depending upon volunteers present that day) – all worthy organizations. Plus, as an added bonus at the Amway and Eco Park locations, there will be native tree sales in support of the Million Tree Challenge. For $5 get a 2′-3′ tree and $18 will get you a 4′-6′ specimen. So you can pick up some compost, tuck in a tree and spend the rest of the weekend greening up your property! What’s not to like?!


And, as it is also going to be Cinco de Mayo (celebration of all things Mexican) on Saturday, why not stop to pick up some tequila (for Mexican margaritas), and a whole mess of burritos or enchiladas to reward yourself for all your hard work shopping and/or gardening this weekend. Here is a margarita recipe from Thirsty Girl that should whet your whistle.


Tequila Don Julio Reposado Margarita


1 1/2 ounces Tequila Don Julio Reposado
3/4 ounce agave nectar
3/4 ounce fresh lime juice
Nutmeg for garnish, fresh grated on top for effect


Combine Tequila Don Julio Reposado, agave nectar and fresh lime juice into a Boston Shaker with ice.  Shake well. Strain contents over ice in a rocks glass. Garnish with a pinch of nutmeg.


Finally time to sit back and relax. Cheers to you this weekend!