Well, mixed blessings this week. We got the first long weekend under our belts before water restrictions kicked in. Not exactly a great way to head into another hot weekend, but it seems it can’t be helped. Hope you got the pool filled and ready to go, as until the City of London fixes that broken water main out near Mount Carmel, there won’t be any water to play in. Well, not much anyway, as the city is asking everyone to conserve their water use and is doing their part by shutting down all the splash pads in London.

So how else can one stay cool when the weather man is suggesting more temperatures in the high 20s? Don’t worry. There are lots of ways to keep cool in London, Ontario this weekend!


Keeping Cool in the City


If you have an interest in sustainability, you like good food, local beer and spirits, plus you enjoy live music and local art, then this is an event not to be missed. On Saturday, May 26, 2012, the Children’s Museum will host the third annual Grickle Grass Festival. As you might guess by the venue, the festival is a family affair with daytime fun for everyone and adult entertainment after dark.

And how does the Festival promote sustainability you wonder? Well, daytime programming revolves around green transportation, growing your own food, arts & crafts made from recyclable materials and an overall focus on physical activity and wellness. ReForest London will be on hand selling trees outside all day too! Plus, there will be face painting, cooking demos, book giveaways by City Lights Bookstore and so much more.

The daytime activities wrap up at 5pm, but the fun doesn’t stop there. At 8pm the doors to the Children’s Museum open up again, but this time it’s for the adults to enjoy. There will be live music on all floors and dancing just might happen. Work up a sweat to the likes of Skeletones Four, The Allens, Thesis Sahib, Indian Handcrafts and a whole slew of other artists that will be playing throughout the night. If you work up an appetite, don’t fret, as Growing Chefs Ontario will have food on hand, served with reusable plates and cutlery. All proceeds go to Growing Chefs Ontario and the Children’s Museum, so stop by and support this local event!



How about a little self-guided tour of six beautiful and distinct area homes all in the name of feeding children and nourishing hope? That is the mandate of the May Court of London during their annual Homes of Distinction Tour, and they are hoping that you will support them in this worthy cause. From 10am-4pm on May 26-27, the participating homes will open their doors for you to explore. The Carolinian Winery is also participating this year, with food and refreshments being served throughout the day. All money raised goes towards the May Court School Nutrition program, which provides food to over 90 schools for children in need.

As a real estate agent, I have a natural inclination to want to peek into people’s homes, so you just might find me somewhere along the route this weekend!



If that all sounds nice, but air conditioning is what you are really seeking, then a tour of the Labatt’s Brewery just might be the ticket! For $10, you get a two-hour tour of the hometown brewery where John Kinder Labatt began his beer empire over 160 years ago. You have to book your tour in advance and wear closed toe shoes, but that is a small price to pay for a souvenir t-shirt, product sampling and the chance to explore the facility that produces over 1 billion bottles of beer annually. That is a far cry from the almost 1,000 bottles that were put out in its first year of production! I am feeling hometown proud just at the thought of all those frothy suds being created just down the street. I just might have to book me a tour today!

Cheers, to another great weekend in London!