While we don’t all aspire to be the next Holmes on Homes or Bryan Baeumler, most of us want to be able to handle at least   a few simple DIY projects by ourselves. That might involve hanging a picture, putting up a shelf or tightening a loose screw or two. Where do you start though? It doesn’t always have to be the Yellow Pages.

Don’t let the experts scare you. With the right tools, many DIY projects can be handled by yourself with ease. The trick is to have the right tool for the right job though. And what tools are those?

10 Essential Tools For A DIY Tool Kit

  • Hammer:

    Forget your high heel shoe, the end of the tool box or the heel of your hand. You need a hammer in that tool box for almost every project you can think of. From hammering nails to removing them, a hammer is one of those tools that every good handyman or woman must have.