Father’s Day is approaching again. Teachers at schools and day care centres are busy making paper ties, cutesy poems and if you are lucky, maybe a jar of barbeque sauce to present to dear old Dad this Sunday. Is that what Dad really wants though? I for one could do without another tie (but I loved last year’s one kids!). I think that fathers out there would appreciate something a little closer to their hearts, as far as gifts go. While a spin in a Formula One race car might be out of the question, I have a few other suggestions for the Dads in your life.


Cordless Drills

      • Power Tools – For the handyman in all Dads. You know that they will be put to good use during his next DIY project! Pops can’t resist power tools any more than Mom can resist a good sale. Right?!
    • Barbeque Tools – You don’t call him “Master of the Grille” for nothing. How about some brand new tools for Dad to wield, while he is serving up succulent steaks for the family during your next cookout? Think flippers, brushes, tongs, skewers or even a rotisserie. Get him grilling!

English: Golf clubs

    • Set of Golf Clubs – Dad needs some downtime too. Give him the gift of R’nR this Father’s Day with a new set of clubs and maybe even a box of balls or two. He works hard, so let him play hard too.
    • Watch – Keep your father on time this year with a new watch.Whether it be a sports watch he can wear on the squash court, an elegant timepiece he can wear when he takes Mom out to dinner or a cheap ticker that he won’t mind scratching when he is working on the car, he will appreciate the thought.

Cover of "Kindle Wireless Reading Device,...

    • iPad, iPod, Kobo, Kindle, Nook, etc. – Keep Dad up-to-date in this electronic age. Do a little research to figure out what he might use it for most, then figure out what will work best for him. He will love his new wireless toy and if you are nice, maybe he will even let you play with it too!
    • Sleeve for Electronics – If you are getting him the gadget, you need to pick him up the sleeve to go with it! Give Dad the gift of a stylish cover for his electronic device. Think a personalized skin for his phone, leather sleeve for his tablet or whatever funky find you come across. It just might keep it safe from sticky fingers or that sudden drop to the floor when he spies the price tag.

  • Beer Carrier – Let’s face it; almost all fathers love beer. I bet your Papa hasn’t seen one of these beer carriers before though. Load it up with a six-pack of assorted beer and watch the glee in his eyes when he unwraps this original Father’s Day gift. Best gift EVER!
  • Shaving Kit – While he might not thrill to the task of having to shave every day, it is hard to avoid, unless he’s Father Christmas. Why not spoil Dad with a brand new shaving kit to pamper his manly skin. Think lotions, a brush, and a spiffy new straight razor. He might not buy it for himself, but the kids will appreciate the lack of whisker rubs every time they reach up for a kiss.

Example of air guitar

    • Guitar Lessons – How many men have you seen playing air guitar? Sadly, an embarrassing amount (no comment on my air guitar skills). While not all of these gents take their air guitar to the next level, there are enough that see stars in their eyes and dream of being the next rock GOD, when they walk by a music shop. Really though, there is no excuse for bad music. So unless your father is Slash, why not do yourself a favour and get Dad some guitar lessons to sharpen his skills. Everyone will appreciate this gift (Worst case scenario, you could get him Guitar Hero)!
    • The Gift of Time – The best gift of all is the gift of being a Father. You just can’t beat the feeling of being loved by a child. All the purchased presents in the world cannot compare to quality time spent with your child doing anything from reading a book to teaching a new skill, or even the quiet act of one-on-one time during a walk in the woods. No Dad can resist a homemade card and the promise of time spent with loved ones. Just don’t forget to seal it with a hug, a kiss or even more.