The real estate market doesn’t sleep. Sometimes the market can be sluggish, but there will always be people looking for a new home. Summertime is no different. In fact, the summer is a great time to put your house on the market, as people often want to move before the new school year begins. If you are looking to list your home this summer, think about ways to make it top-notch for your potential buyer. With a little extra work, you will be well on your way to a SOLD sign in your yard this summer.


  1. Declutter – Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer; a clutter free home allows people to see what is on offer. Garage sale season is upon us, so go ahead and purge whatever doesn’t work in your space anymore. Space sells, so make the most of it. A clutter-free house is always more appealing.
  2. Put away area rugs & let the hardwood shine – If you have hardwood or even nice looking laminate or tiles, summertime is when you want to show it off. A clean, cool floor will look fresh and appeal to the clutter-free appearance of your home
  3. Open the windows and let the fresh air in – Heavy drapes help to keep in the heat in the winter, but come summertime, you want to lighten up everything in your home. Ditch the drapes for airy shears that let in the light and a fresh cool breeze. Don’t forget to clean the panes while you are at it!
  4. Lighten up your linens – Say goodbye to the duvet and heavy fleece. Replace your bedding with crisp cotton sheets and a nice light bedspread in bright and pleasing patterns. 
  5. Green up your garden – Annuals planted in your garden give that instant bit of colour that everyone loves, plus they last all summer long. 
  6. Place fresh flowers around the house – They are blooming outside, so why not bring some in. Think fresh flowers in the kitchen, living room, bath, and your bedside table. It will look inviting and add a fresh scent to your home. 
  7. Pleasing planters – I know you have slaved over your garden beds, but a decorative planter beside the front door will add that extra touch of welcome to potential home buyers before they even step in the door.  
  8. Take the indoors out – Add square footage to your property by creating an inviting living area outside. Think about placing a bench in the garden, an outdoor sofa near the barbeque and tables nearby to finish your summer living room by the pool. 
  9. Maintain your grounds – Just because you are headed out of town for vacation or busy with summertime fun, doesn’t give you an excuse to neglect your grounds. Install a sprinkler system. Hire a landscaping company to cut the grass and weed the gardens. Give the kid down the street a couple of bucks to add decorative mulch to your beds. Just make sure the outside is as presentable as the in.
  10. Light up your yard– Now that you have beautified the outside, why not illuminate it too! Since people often visit in the evenings, make sure that they can still appreciate all the your home and garden has to offer, by tucking in some spotlights, adding lighting along pathways and the driveway. Its summertime, so lighten up!