We might be considered little London, but there is nothing small about our fabulous city this weekend. In fact, we are so desirable that the world is coming to us! That’s right. If you head downtown, you will see a distinctly international flair in the air.

Where? At Sunfest!


(Victoria Park; July 5-8, 2012, 11am-11pm)

Can you hear the rhythm beat?
Do you need a way to beat the heat?
Well, Sunfest is the way to go!
There’s music, dancing and a full festive show!

Starting today, you can catch some live bands
Get up and boogie while you clap your hands
Wiggle and shout along to Samba Squad
And there’ll be lots of other musicians that you can applaud!

Catch Phil Dwyer, Mdungu and LYY
Or Kaja, Joaquin Diaz, or Five Alarm Funk, you’ll also spy
But there’s more than music at Victoria Park
There’s a taste explosion for you too to embark

Eat souvlaki, churros and candy floss too
Or wander through the vendors for a craft or two.
You’ll find hats, drums and jewellery at a great price
And that Henna arm band would sure look nice!

So what are you waiting for? Get up and go!
The earlier you get there, the more fun, you know.
So make sure you take your smiles and your fun
Because Sunfest is a festival that beats all, bar none!