With August upon us, summer just seems to be flying by. That doesn’t mean that you still can’t enjoy the last of it though. There are still plenty more pool days. You have lots of time yet to relax in the backyard. As the temperature dips slightly in the evening, you might even be tempted to spend even more time outside, with less need for your a/c. Looking around your yard, might just cause you to shudder though. Have the kids put the pool toys away? Who left those towels balled up in a heap over yonder? What about that pile of dirt there? Are you ever going to sweep it up from your last gardening project? You know what you need? A few outdoor storage solutions. An organized home is a happier home, both inside and out!


  • If damp towels seem to always accumulate over the backs of chairs, or worse, lying on the ground, why not think about hanging some hooks up outside to give those beach towels a chance to dry. Get creative and get every member of the family to choose their own personal hook for their own towel. Go with a theme that suits your decor; think poolside, garden-inspired, nascar or whatever screams YOU. Use found items, like sturdy branches or leftover plumbing pieces from your last DIY project, to minimize your costs. However you design it, make sure you let the family know where their towels belong from here on out.
  • Speaking of poolside items, what about all those pool toys and other paraphernalia? How about a deck box! All those diving rings, snorkels, rubber duckies and more can be tossed inside, clearing off the deck around the pool. Even better, there are still plenty on the market at this time of year and you should be able to find summer sales aplenty. A deck box will improve poolside safety and the peace of mind that comes with an organized space.
  • Now what about that messy space that you call your gardener’s corner? You need an organized space where you can store all your garden tools, plus tackle some of your garden projects. How about a potter’s bench! A well designed potter’s bench can house trowels, extra pots, bags of soil, bone meal and more. Plus, it gives you a dedicated space to start seeds, repot plants and plan a layout for your yard. You can repurpose an old dresser, use baskets you no longer use or head out to a big box store and take your pickings. If you are really handy, you might even add a sink, so that you can rinse your towels and water those delicate plants. There are more ideas here to get you started, so get organized today, before fall cleanup has you running again.