Lots of folks like indoor plants, as they feel that it makes a home appear more inviting. That is true, plus they act to purify the indoor air that we breathe, so are definitely worth the investment. When the weather starts to warm up at the tail end of winter and we turn to Spring cleaning, one of the things that people do is to slowly transition some of those indoor plants outside. It serves to declutter your home, plus it gives your plants a breath of fresh air of their own. If transitioned properly, indoor plants flourish with the extra sunshine they receive.

As the days get shorter and the nights chillier, it becomes time to start thinking about bringing those plants back indoors though. They need a gradual reintroduction to the inside world (same as in the spring), so feel free to take your time. While you are at it, you can even transplant your precious indoor plants into larger pots and even freshen up some of your other plants that never made it out the door. It can be a messy job, so take advantage of the pleasant weather outside while we still have it. Here are a few other suggestions on how to care for your houseplants this time of year.


Houseplants and Clean Air

  • As the days grow shorter and the sun’s rays get weaker, cut back on your watering schedule. While you might need heavy watering mid-summer, by the time the winter months arrive, many houseplants require little to no water during this dormant phase.
  • The same thing goes for fertilizer. In the spring, plants need fertilizer to stimulate growth and occasional top-ups over the summer. Indoor plants have most of their growth during this time. By fall, this growth tapers off and in winter it generally stops. Your fertilization schedule can too!
  • After a summer spent outdoors, many plants will have stretched the bounds of comfort in their pots. Before you bring them inside for the winter, take the time to transplant your indoor plants into larger pots. You can also top up any of your plants that didn’t make it outside, but still need a little TLC.
  • English: Potted House plants.Group plants together to increase their general humidity level. You can keep several plants in one tray or just keep them in the general vicinity of one another.
  • As homes tend towards being dry over the winter, it is a good idea to begin spritzing your houseplants. Be careful of plants that do not like water on their leaves (ie. African violets), but be generous with others. Your whole home will thank you for it.
  • While winter days might not offer much sunshine and it may be tempting to place your plants as close as possible to the windows, make sure that you keep them away from cold draughts. It is best not to have them directly touching windows regardless, but always make sure that you offer appropriate lighting for the plants needs

Good Luck with your Gardening Green Thumb this Fall!