Labour Day has come and gone. The school bell rang this morning and all the kiddos filed in for another season of ABC’s and 1,2,3’s. Can I get a fist pump parents? Woohoo!

Cork Elementary School Bell

Not so fast though! Just because the kids have headed back to school, doesn’t mean that you don’t have a thing or two to learn as well! Of course, my version of learning comes from home maintenance, as you might well imagine. So here are a few ABC’s and 1,2,3’s that you home owner’s might want to think about now that the kids aren’t constantly underfoot. Back to work with you!



Autumn (Photo credit: blmiers2)

A – Autumn is a great time to give a good clean to yard tools, before storing them for the winter. Sharpen the blades on your shears (and whatever other sharp tools you’ve got). Don’t forget to oil them before putting them away either. Check to make sure your rake is handy and will make it through another season of raking. With all the drought-like conditions we have had this summer, the leaves seem to be turning already, so start warming up those raking muscles! Pull out the summer annuals that are looking ragged and replace them with festive mums and kale. It’s almost time to plant spring bulbs too! I don’t even want to think about it yet, but you also might want to move your snow shovel to a handier spot too. Just saying!

B – Brushes that have been ignored during the humid months of summer deserve to be picked up again to apply a fresh coat of paint to the house. Update the kitchen or freshen up the bathroom. Start the school year off right with a fresh start for everything and everyone in your house, including everyone’s bedroom walls! The temperatures will only be dropping from here on out, so making your home more inviting, when you will be spending more time indoors, will be a delight on those cold winter nights when all you want to do is cocoon.

C – Clean out the cupboards of the summer gear. With the school bell rung, sneakers are the shoe of choice for children now. It is a perfect time to toss the ratty flip flops and store your strappy sandals for another season. At some point a little rain might fall, so grab your galoshes and get them handy, along with the fall coats. As you are cleaning and storing summer gear, you also might want to cover your patio table and store your chairs. Lazy days in the hammock are pretty much over too, so if you store it for winter, now is the time!


1 – Once a month the furnace filter needs to be replaced. I am not saying that you need to turn on the furnace just yet, but it might be time to go look at your furnace and see when the last time you replaced its filter was. The cold winds of winter will be blowing around soon enough, so make sure that you are prepared for when they arrive. While you are at it, you might even want to have your furnace inspected and cleaned before winter is knocking on your door.

2 – Twice a year you should seal your tile grout and now is the perfect time to do that. The heat and humidity of summer are on the wane, making indoor projects less gruelling. This is a project that many home owners forget, but applying a sealant protects your tiles from mildew and mold. As many bathrooms are tiled, and humidity is a given in this room, this is a project that you should definitely have on your home improvement list.


Lawn (Photo credit: प्रतीक)

3 – Remember the big 3 of fall lawn care; fertilizer, overseeding, water! Just because the heat of summer is gone, doesn’t mean that its time to ignore our lawn’s needs. You should continue to water your grass right up until your lawn stops growing. Look towards a greener lawn next year, by overseeding and fertilizing now to ensure a healthier lawn in the spring. While it doesn’t need to be done twice a year, if you didn’t aerate your lawn this spring, you might want to consider it now as well.