There are a wide variety of tools out there available to the homeowner. There are drills, hammers, saws, screwdrivers, clamps and more, but there is one tool that is indispensable to almost anyone’s workshop. Ask Red Green what his favourite tool to work with is and you’ll get only one response – the mighty Duct Tape!

While duck tape has a history going back to the early 1900s, in uses such as bridge construction, insulating power cables and medical adhesives, these early tapes were made of cloth tape. During WWII, the US military, with the help of Johnson & Johnson, invented a new cloth adhesive that was coated in waterproof polyethylene to quickly repair military equipment, such as vehicles and weapons. It was easy to use and quickly developed a foothold in the household market after the war. Today, this sticky substance is used in millions of households wherever a strong, flexible tape is required. It really is a miraculous product, but I wonder if you have ever thought to use it for these uses?


    1. Making Wallets – I’ve seen them in flea markets and made by a kid or two in my day. A waste of duct tape? That depends upon who’s asking. Not to the little girl who know has someplace to store her quarters! And not to these guys who pride themselves on their duct tape wallet-making skills.
  1. Fixing holes in Pools – I know of a certain someone who ran out of the supplied patch kit with their Fast-Set Pool this past season. It was late in the season and instead of going to the store to pick up another (expensive) patch kit, they turned to good ole duct tape to do the job. No more leaks!
  2. Waterproofing Shoes – I know of someone else that wrapped their runners in the silver stuff back in high school. I suppose its cheaper than a new pair of shoes and it harkens back to the early days of duck tape! What will they think of next?
  3. Car Repairs – While it has been used in Motorsports for years to repair fibreglass body work, I have seen many another vehicle sporting duct tape around town that doesn’t look like it would survive the 401, let alone the Indy 500. Maybe you should leave auto body repairs to the professional?
  4. Furniture Repair – Who needs glue, when duct tape will do? It is highly adhesive and comes in a variety of colours, so why not reach for the duct tape the next time you need to repair your furniture?! Heck, you can even make brand new pieces to decorate your room with, like
  5. the prototype ipod duct tape case

    the prototype ipod duct tape case (Photo credit: indigotimbre)

    Making an iPod Case– What is this world coming to when we feel the need to wrap duct tape around our expensive gadgets? I suppose it has been used for stranger things…

  6. Securing Wires – Now we have a use that is handy! Instead of getting tangled in the spaghetti pile of wires that run all over our wired-in worlds, collect them all into nice bundles with duct tape. You can even tape them to the floor, to prevent tripping over them. Goodbye zip ties!
  7. Prom Styles of William Beacon & partner

    Making Dresses/Clothes – Thank the folks at Duck Brands for this one! They sponsor an annual scholarship competition for the best prom dress made with Duck Tape. Not sure my daughter will be sold on this money-saving idea, but it does come in a wide variety of colours, so why not?!

  8. Wart Removal – Forget the Compound W, get out your duct tape! Cover it up and watch it disappear. (Don’t quote me on this one folks! I am FAR from a Dr, but I don’t suppose it would hurt you any.)
  9. Give Your Sweetie a Rose – Now this is an idea that anyone would love. Real flowers just die, but a duct tape rose lasts forever – just like your love! Make sure to duck just in case though, as that frying pan that you fixed last week with duct tape might come flying at your head, with a comment about being a cheap so and so following!

What other uses for duct tape do you know of? What works and what doesn’t? Share your stories here!