A sunny day deserves a little time outside, especially this time of year when it is unreliable at best. One day, it’s raining, then sunny, and who knows when the first snow flake will fly. My suggestion is to get outside while you can and soak up the sunshine, before winter arrives with a vengeance.

So, where to? There’s lots of place to go and things to do in London, Ontario this weekend! I have just the suggestion on how  best to go about it too. What better way to get out and enjoy the city, whether it is sunny or raining, than by exploring London during the 11th Annual Doors Open London. There are 46 sites to explore this year, with 8 of them being new to DO London. Just take a look and see a small sampling of what you can look forward to, as you peak into nooks and crannies around the city this Saturday and Sunday (September 29-30, 2012) from 10am-4pm. Right up my alley! Did I mention that this event is also Free.

Doors Open London

  • Take advantage of the sunshine while you can and poke around at the Railway Caboose at 2342 Trafalgar St. This is a piece of Canadian history, with its roots planted firmly in London. It is the first time that this site has been featured for DO London, but certainly not the first time the railway car has seen the light of day. It was originally built in 1913, but has been remodelled over the years and is now available to be seen by you!
  • While you are out in the East end, why not check out the Air Force Association of Canada at 2155 Crumlin Rd (London International Airport). Originally an airforce canteen, now you can see historic photographs, and almost 100 model airplanes.
  • If you are interested in models, then your next stop should be the London Model Railroad Group at 69 Holborn Ave. This former bus garage has been transformed into a home for an O Scale railway with over 5000 ft of track! You can see London as it looked years ago, preserved in O Scale miniature!
  • Another building with its roots in the Canadian Armed Forces is the German Canadian Club at 1 Cove Rd. Learn about the history of the building, the surrounding Coves Subwatershed and get a taste of all things German while you are at it.
  • From there you are a hop, skip and almost literal jump to Downtown and a whole host of fascinating sites to explore. Check out the Children’s Museum, Museum London, Eldon House and The Arts Project, to name but a few participants. You can even explore the 1st Hussars Museum at 1 Dundas St to learn more about the regiment during WWI, WWII, the South African war and the war in Afghanistan.

There are plenty more sites to visit this weekend, so head out and open the door to London and all it has to offer this weekend!