Time to get Creepy London! October ushers in a whole host of spooky events that are sure to please the brave and fearless among us. There are plenty of family friendly excursions, but for those that want a more sinister setting, get your spook on for these local events that are sure to please anyone’s scary side.


Can you believe it? It’s time for the Lost Soul Stroll already! Starting this Friday, the 8th season of a bone-chilling stroll through downtown London, Ontario will set out from 207 King St. Be prepared to get scared out of your wits, as John Radcliffe (Ontario’s first professional hangman) and Johannah Donnelly (matriarch of the Donnelly family) share chilling tales of murder, disaster and intrigue. Tickets cost $25 this year and always sell out fast, so be sure to order yours soon. The stroll will be held October 5 & 6, 11-13, 18-20, 23-27, with the last night held on the 30th. All shows start at 8pm and take approximately 90 minutes to complete. Rain or Shine, it’s a fun evening for those brave enough to attend!

Fanshawe Pioneer Village is getting in on the chilling action as well. This year they are presenting Haunted Village Hayrides with a nautical twist. Performers will take you back in time to May 24th, 1881, to the Thames River, right here in London. On that fateful day, the double-deck stern-wheeler,  the Victoria, set out from Springbank Park after a day of fun and frivolity for its passengers. The  day ended in anything, but happiness though. In association with Mystery Unlimited, the actors will present to you the demise of the Victoria and the repercussions for the passengers on board. Performances cost $11 and are held at 7, 8 and 9pm on Thursday and Sunday night shows. On Friday and Saturday, an extra show is held at 10pm. If you are strong enough to watch “Ship of Death: The Wreck of the Victoria“, tickets are available for October 12 & 13, 19-21, and 25-28. Can you handle the tragedy that will unfold?

2012 Belmont Corn Maze

Just south of London, there are more creepy events in the works at the Belmont Corn Maze (46614 Crossley-Hunter Line). Starting after dark on Saturday October 13, 2012, the maze will be visited by some spooky spectres intent on scaring you silly. I’ve heard tell that goblins lurk in the normally fun maze after the sun sets. The cackle of witches is unmistakable in the Autumn breeze. Quite possibly the most frightening sound might be the distant sound of screams though, that draw ever nearer, as you wind your way through cornstalks in the dark between 7 and 10pm on October 13, 19, 20, 26, 27 (rain date Nov 2). It just might be the last $12 you wish you hadn’t spent, as you run screaming for your life…

(Family friendly tours through the 12 acre corn maze run during the day too, for those not daring enough to face the depths of their fears after dark.)

Oh, and have a happy Thanksgiving too!