So my wife might think I’m crazy, but as she still speaks to me after the last two FOLLOW THE FLIPS, I thought it was about time for FOLLOW THE FLIP 3! And boy, have I found a nice home to renovate this time. As you might recall, I gave you a little precursor pic, but didn’t let slip with too many details. Are you curious as to what I’ve found yet? I’m dying to share it with you, so let’s take a look;



Follow the Flip on Philip

Let’s go back in time to look at the origins of my newest find. Way back in 1886, the walls went up on this 3-bedroom bungalow at 504 Philip St. in London, Ontario. In other parts of the world, Sigmund Freud opened a practice in Vienna, modern field hockey was born, the London Times published the world’s first classified ad, Apache leader Geronimo surrendered during the last major US-Indian war, the first Civil Rights Act was passed in the US and Coca Cola was born (cocaine included!).

They were exciting times.


The Sunroom could use some TLC

Fast forward 126 years and this little house has seen some transformations. It now has aluminum siding, as seen in the above picture. There is a sunroom on the back of the house, that has seen better days. There’s different flooring in every room of the house. That might not bother you, but as far as aesthetics go, I will be changing that fact in the process of transforming this dated domicile into a thing of beauty. Uniformity goes a long way into the resale value of a home, in my opinion.


Rooftop Renos on Philip St

So what else will I be doing? Paint will be applied. Landscaping will be attended to. That nasty looking sunroom is on the list too. And that problem chimney? It has already been looked after by these two handy guys. We’ve got it all covered in my latest Follow the Flip! So make sure to follow along as I transform this historic house into a charming home once again.


See you next time, for my FOLLOW THE FLIP 3!