It has taken a while to dig out from the mess that was the kitchen at my Follow The Flip 3 project. If you think the back yard was a mess, let me tell you a little story about a floor…



Original flooring


Once upon a time, way back in 1883, a house was built for a bricklayer. In this house, was a kitchen and that kitchen was 9 x 11 in size. In this kitchen, of course, was a floor. Jump forward to 2012 and that floor is now no more.



Removing 5 layers of flooring


You see, this floor might have been all the rage in the late 19th Century, but subsequent owners felt it needed a face-lift  So they covered up the black, white and red grids with another layer. And another, and another, and even one more layer of flooring, til there were five layers of flooring in total.

That’s a lot of flooring.


In fact, once it was all removed, this is what was left…

Filled to Overflowing

Goodbye Kitchen Floor







And back at 504 Philip, this is what we were left with. As you can see, the trailer was filled with not just flooring, but everything else that was underneath all those many layers as well. We found loose and rotten floor joists that were not worth trying to save. We stripped it down to the ground.

The Kitchen (?)


Now don’t fret and run screaming from my FOLLOW THE FLIP just yet. Obviously the kitchen won’t be left like that. New joists were added, a sub-floor was built and a shiny new single layer of flooring will greet you when you enter your new kitchen.

But look what else we found underneath the floor.

Anyone familiar with this old cartoon?


Who knows what this old cartoon is? A little help…