When you walk in the door of your home, where do you put your coat? Is it draped over the banister? Do you attempt to jam it in an over-crowded hall closet? Or do you have a rickety hook that you pile every coat in the entire house on? It’s frustrating, isn’t it? The fight to have a neat and orderly home can be a struggle at the best of times.

The design team at FOLLOW THE FLIP 3 has tried to eliminate that battle for the lucky new homeowner that will take possession of 504 Phillip St when it’s done. Here is how we transformed an ill-used space, into a welcoming niche that you will be proud to show off.


Start with a hallway. How are you using it? Is there a way that you could improve it? What’s your inspiration, aside from a mess of coats?

Ours was the love of home itself.

Check out how we cleaned up and modernized this space to make it a perfect place for coats and more.

The beginning stages of the transformation

We took an empty space and had a vision.
We picked up some bead board and ran with it.

Brightening up a Drab Corner

With panels in place, a coat of primer helped to hide the rough materials.

Fixing the Flaws

Other issues in the hallway were addressed while we were at it. This ill-fitting electrical outlet took away from the polished feel we were looking for, not to mention the lack of safety it presented as well!

Someplace to rest your weary bones?

We decided to add a simple stool to make the space more inviting.
Here it is just waiting for its coat of paint to transform it.

The Transformation is Complete!

With the paint dry, all that was left was to install a line of hooks ready and waiting for the winter coats that are on the way. The addition of the word “Home” gave a welcoming touch that we couldn’t resist.

AND, it will remind you every day of how much you love  your new house, once you move in.

What is your favourite transformation so far in FOLLOW THE FLIP 3?