As I noted last week, Christmas time is all about the senses. The real estate market is no different, especially during this time of year. While some people are loath to list their house around Christmastime, it is actually a time when your house just might shine its brightest. Think of the effort that goes into decorating for the holidays and the rest of the prep that goes with it. You are already transforming your home to be its best for friends, family and neighbours, so why not bedazzle potential new homeowners now too?



The first thing a potential homeowner ever notices about a home is its looks and Christmastime is the same. Take the time to tastefully decorate your home during the holidays to make it shine its brightest. The same rules apply as per other times of the year though; don’t go overboard with decorations. You want people to see the beauty of your home and not just overpowering holiday glitz. Perhaps one or two presents under the tree would suggest gentle giving (leave the rest of the mountain of gifts for Christmas morning). Think natural items, like simple evergreen wreathes, a bowl of cranberries set off with holly leaves, or a small fire lit in your hearth. Your favourite Billy Bass Christmas fish could be left in your decor box for your next home. Just a suggestion.

Orange Pomanders add a wonderful scent


Christmas has so many wonderful smells associated with it that it is easy to take advantage of attractive smells to tickle any potential home buyer’s fancy. A pot of cinnamon sticks simmering on the stove emits a wonderful festive scent. Beautiful orange pomanders give a decorative touch, as well as delicious aroma. A real Christmas tree adds its own holiday scent that will permeate every room of your house too! As always, don’t forget to empty the cat litter before the Open House.

Christmas Albums add a nice touch


What is Christmas without a carol or two? If you have people coming to look at your home over the holidays, put some traditional Christmas carols on the stereo. There’s nothing wrong with more modern crooners too, as Michael Bublé, Josh Groban and The Canadian Tenors all have Christmas albums worth listening too. It just might remind people of their childhood and then look around your house even more so with eyes of home.

Give the gift of taste during your Open House


A little bribery never hurt anyone. If you have an open house planned, why not take time to do some holiday baking before people arrive. Not only will you fill the house with the tempting scent of delicious cookies, but you can leave a plate out for guests as they wander around imagining themselves at home. If you fear the smell of burnt baked goods might turn people off with your less than stellar baking skills, hit your local bakery to stock up with some yummy treats instead!

Festive hand towels add a nice “touch”


A little festive touch goes a long way for a house for sale during the holidays too. Think about putting out soft hand towels with a holiday motif on them. Take the holiday motif into other items that guests to your home might come across  as well, like thick door mats, plush carpets, or luxurious curtains that warm up the room.


Merry Christmas!