I hope you enjoyed that hot breakfast this morning. If you didn’t, grab some oats and try it tomorrow, as London, Ontario is in the grip of winter. The Middlesex-London Health Unit has even issued a cold weather alert for the next three days, as the temperatures are expected to remain below -15C until at least Thursday. Note to self; stay inside unless you have to go out folks. And if you do have to venture outside, make sure to dress in layers! Exposed skin will freeze pretty quick in -27C weather, which is what it is right now with the wind chill.

So how do you fight the cold, when it permeates everything?



Dress for the weather

Dress for the weather



  • Dress in layers. Think sweaters, long johns, wool, or silk for warmth
  • Choose mitts over gloves, as they keep the fingers together, thereby warmer longer
  • Wear hats that cover the ears, as heat loss is greatest from an exposed head
  • Throw on an extra pair of socks in your warmest winter boots. No need to get your tootsies frostbitten too!
  • Retreat back inside for frequent breaks, to prevent frost bite



Hot Toddy

Hot Toddy (Photo credit: Quite Adept)

  • Keep that sweater on. Extra layers help to reduce shooting your hydro bill through the roof this winter
  • Throw an extra blanket on the bed for warmth. In fact, why not fill up the hot water bottle to warm up your bed too!
  • Curl up in front of the fire with a cozy blanket. Perfect time for reading a book, cuddling or playing games during family time
  • Drink plenty of fluids, ie. warm fluids like tea, hot chocolate or maybe a hot toddy



  • If you discovered drafty windows in that windstorm on the weekend, grab some window cling and seal your windows. It only takes minutes and your house will be noticeably warmer in no time
  • Place rolled up towels in front of exterior doors to keep out drafts
  • If you’ve got a fireplace, use it! If you aren’t using it, make sure the flue is closed to reduce cold air seeping down the chimney
  • Open your blinds to let in the sunlight during the day, but shut them up tight to keep out cooler air after dark
  • Close heating vents and/or doors in rooms that are not used frequently
  • Think about baking up something yummy for dinner or a snack. The oven will help to heat your home up some too!

What are you Baking tonight?

Hope you keep warm this week!