London, Ontario suffered through its first winter cold weather alert last week, but this week the weather has done a complete 360. At present the rain is pouring down outside, punctuated by the odd clap of thunder. What is going on with the weather?! It’s January!

Snow drifts that were a mess yesterday morning are rapidly melting into speedy rivulets that are running into storm drains wherever they can be found. While the rain might help to wash away the slush, you need to be aware of the after-effects from this January storm. You might be fascinated by the weird weather phenomenon of a thunderstorm in January, but beware of its effects.




  • Stay clear of open bodies of water; rivers, streams, creeks, storm ponds, etc.
    • As snow melts, it joins all the rains running into waterways, quickly growing them in size and strength. Any waterways should be considered extremely dangerous and avoided at all costs.
  • Do NOT walk on ice on ponds, rivers, lakes, etc.
    • Existing ice is affected by the warmer temperatures and rain, making it thin and brittle – much too easy to break and have you fall into the icy waters below!
Storm Drain

Storm Drain (Photo credit: OnceAndFutureLaura)

  • Keep an eye on storm drains around your house
    • Blocked storm drains can back up, causing flooding, potentially damaging your home or any nearby property. Clear blockages as necessary.
  • Make sure that your drain spouts coming off your roof are free-flowing
    • Blocked spouts can create ice damns on your roof. If left untended, that water will back up into your house causing water damage. Don’t forget to point your spouts away from your house to avoid that fast-moving water running into your house.
  • Avoid doing laundry, washing dishes, or having a shower during the worst of the storm
    • Water systems in your home are already under stress from the added water outside. Adding more water to the equation from inside may push your drains over the edge, thus sending the excess water into your basement
  • Check to make sure your sump pump is plugged in and functioning properly
    • As your water system struggles to keep up with the extra water, it might need the help of a sump pump to keep that water flowing OUT of your home and not back IN. You will be grateful that you did!
  • Drive Safe Folks!

    If you have to head out, take it slow and easy

    • This morning the fog was thick and streets are all pretty slick. Water is pooling on roadways and accidents are rampant in weather like this. Slow down and drive as safely as possible. Keep your vehicle and its passengers safe, by arriving to your destination alive.

Wishing you dry thoughts on this WET day!