So you have a house and you are ready to move on from it. It’s too small, too big, or just no longer what you need it to be. Time to sell.

Call me.

“But wait,” you say. “It’s in need of work!”

Well, that is only as big a problem as you make it. Just because there are a few projects on the to-do list for your home, doesn’t mean that you can’t sell it. There are many potential home buyers that are looking for a project to undertake. There are some folks that are handy and see dollar signs in faded floors or dated doors. And there are also plenty of ways to hide what you might consider your home’s flaws, but are really not that bad a characteristic. It is all about highlighting what you have to maximize your profit. And even with an issue or two, your home still has plenty of value to offer.



You might see the past as you peer at your pantry, but new drawer pulls and/or handles just might perk your kitchen back up again for a fraction of the cost of a kitchen overhaul. It is amazing the transformative power that new hardware in the kitchen can bring! Other relatively cheap improvements are adding a backsplash, painting the cupboards or simply installing a new faucet to give a brand new feel to your kitchen, without the big price tag.


Freshen up your bathroom with new linens


Has your bathroom seen brighter days? Buy new towels, bath mat and a shower curtain to wake your tired washroom back up again. Visitors will be impressed by the little touches that you add, potentially not even seeing other more pressing items. Think about purchasing a new toilet seat. Don’t forget to re-caulk the tub for a fresh beaded line. And a pretty vase of flowers will add a sweet smell to the new serene setting too!


A fresh coat of paint gives new life to a room


Is your bedroom boring? Believe it or not, but a fresh coat of paint goes a long way to updating a room. Colours go in and out of fashion, but scuffs and fingerprints never work on your walls. With minimal labour, and a home renovation project that won’t break the bank, that new splash of colour in your bedroom just might be the selling feature that your potential home buyer is looking for! Why not pick up a new scatter rug for beside the bed and maybe even some simple curtains to complete the look.


Maximize your storage space to increase your profit


Nothing turns a potential home buyer off more than lack of storage. No problem! If your closet space is cramped, think about adding a closet system to maximize your storage space. You will have extra space in no time! Don’t forget to purge as much as possible to make the storage space you do have look that much bigger. In fact, renting a storage unit while your house is on the market, just might be worth the money. Plus, you might find you don’t miss those extra bits and bobs at the end of the day anyway!


Curb appeal sells houses

Outdoor Appeal:

A new pool or outdoor spa is not the way to add value to the outside of your home. Most of the time the exact opposite is true in fact. But you can improve the outside appeal of your home with a few easy steps. First step; mow the lawn. It sounds simple enough, but a well-manicured lawn is the first thing a potential home buyer is going to see when they approach your house. Cost = $0 (or whatever you pay your lawn contractor). Try planting some pretty annuals for a pop of colour to your garden beds. If gardening isn’t your forte, then buy a simple planter to place at the front door. Again, first impressions count, so make the effort and you are well on your way to making that sale.


Projects or not, any house has the potential to sell if you undertake some minor home improvements and stage it appropriately. Once you are ready to pound the “FOR SALE” sign in your yard, contact me!