The snow is slowly melting in London, Ontario. Here and there, early spring bulbs are beginning to poke through the cold ground. Temperatures are still sticking pretty close to 0°C, but with April in sight, I suspect that Spring just might be on the way.

Is there anything that you should be doing right now around your home in anticipation of the approaching warm weather? Let’s take a look;


Early Spring Home Maintenance


  • Time to tackle your Spring cleaning!
    • spring cleaningremove storm windows or protective film from around windows
    • wash windows and window screens
    • clean vinyl blinds and other window coverings
    • recaulk tub and shower enclosures
    • reseal grout lines
    • change furnace filter
    • clean dryer vent
    • dust ceilings, walls and other hard to reach places that sometimes get forgotten
    • thoroughly dust home
    • wax floors
    • thoroughly clean stove, fridge and other appliances
    • defrost freezer
    • replace batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors
    • clean ceiling fans and switch to counter-clockwise direction
    • shampoo carpets


  • It’s a little early to do too much outside, but now is the time to assess what projects might need attending to this season.
    • Home

      Home (Photo credit: hyperboreal)

      inspect roof, eavestroughs and chimney for any winter damage (start calling for estimates if needed)

    • check patio area and driveway for any winter heaving
    • clean up winter debris, like fallen twigs and limbs
    • clean patio furniture
    • inspect barbecue and give it a spring tune-up
    • decide how much mulch to order for the season
    • prune deciduous trees and shrubs that do not flower in the spring
    • sharpen your lawn mower blades & do a tune-up as necessary
    • inspect brick work and foundation for any cracks or loose pieces
    • once ground is firm enough to walk on, have it aerated

With temperatures on the rise, the most important thing you can do is to get outside and soak up some of that vitamin D. Thank goodness, Spring has arrived!