Summer time is a great time to get out and get active. Many people go on vacations, go camping, or go somewhere exciting  during the hot and hazy days of summer. That usually takes a little cash though, which sometimes pinches the pocket-book. I too like to get away and relax, so have found a few ways to save money in other areas. Try these money-saving tips this summer to save your cash for more fun pastimes.

Summer Savings

Plenty of room for sheets


Hang your clothes outside to dry. Clothes lines use the power of Mother Nature to dry your clothes and cost NOTHING! All you need is sunshine, plus it is easier on your clothes than the tumble of your dryer.



Quick, hand that kid some laundry to wash!


Wash your clothes in cold water. Today’s laundry soaps clean your clothes quite effectively in cold water, which saves you on your hot water bill.


Or pick up reasonable priced plants at the Gathering on the Green this weekend


Expand your garden by sharing divisions with your neighbours. Everyone wants to save a few bucks, and the garden is the place to do it. When it is time to divide plants (like hostas, grasses, columbines, day lilies, black-eyed susans and other perennials), get in the neighbourly spirit and make some trades around the block. Those perennials keep coming back year after year, reducing the need to drop a small fortune on annuals every year.



Ceiling Fans cool you down, plus add style


Use a ceiling fan instead of the air conditioner. We all know that air conditioners are a godsend in the middle of heat waves, but that cool air comes with a price. A ceiling fan (depending upon its wattage) will cost you about 2¢ an hour to run. Take a look at last summer’s bills to remind you what you paid for your a/c. Plus, don’t forget to switch the blades to running in a clockwise direction to direct that cool air down to you.



How do you like your steak?


Plan your meals for after dark, and take advantage of the barbeque. Not only does the oven cost more to run, but it also heats up the house. Plus, your appetite is usually smaller in the heat of the day, so do yourself a favour and wait til the sun goes down.



How do you save money in the summer?