I live in London, Ontario and have called it home for many years. There are so many great things about this city and I have tried to share many of them with you, here on the pages of this blog. We have extensive bike paths and nature trails, many great schools, including world-class post-secondary ones, an International airport, proximity to other major urban centres and convenient highways running between them, a great cultural community, plenty of entertainment options, and an accessible housing market! London is a great place to work, play and live, and I am proud to support it in any way that I can.

Sometimes that support comes in the form of telling you about places in and around London, like Storybook Gardens or Wortley Village. Other times, it is in letting you know about local events that are going on within our vibrant community. Today, I want to introduce a relative newcomer to London. It’s not new in years (built in 1958) and it got its start in Ayr, Scotland, but this weekend a bright red, Double Decker bus is celebrating its one year anniversary of serving up ice cream to London residents. If you haven’t discovered them already, let me introduce you to Double Decker Ice Cream.

Double Decker Ice Cream

It’s not every day that you see a Double Decker bus in London, Ontario. London, England might be a different story, but they just aren’t a common sight here in “little” London. That was until Neil Sunnuck got an idea in his head to mix together a few of his favourite things; a bit of history from his homeland in Britain and ice cream (he worked in an ice cream parlour in Scotland in his teens). The result was a brand new take on tasty tourism, when the Double Decker Ice Cream company served its first Shaw’s ice cream last June at its permanent location at 663 Wellington Rd S.

Neil loves to personally serve his customers

You might wonder why Sunnuck would open an ice cream store and choose a double-decker bus to run it out of, but apparently it was a stroke of genius. Many small businesses have to wait upwards of three years before they see a profit from a new business, but Sunnuck can brag that by the end of his first business year, he was already in the black. That success can be chalked up to a few factors, not least of all being the support from great family and friends. Sunnuck’s wife Melissa helps scoop ice cream as needed, plus takes care of the books. After he bought the bus from Aboutown (for a steal, considering how few double-deckers are on the market), his father flew over from Scotland to help with the necessary renovations to turn the bus into a fully functioning ice cream shop. Plus, the Sunnuck’s many friends have helped by spreading the good word, as well as eating a delicious cone or two. Add to that a high-quality product, an eye-catching location and great customer service, and its no wonder that they have done as well as they have. In fact, they have made enough of an impression that they have also been asked to serve up their tasty treats at the Hyde Park Lions Club “Country Cruizin” Nights (at Plunkett’s Farm – 9282 Elviage Dr).

So after a chilly start to the 2013 season, the bus was re-stocked and is open for business again. At present the hours are 3 – 9 pm from Monday to Friday, and 1 – 9 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Once school is out for the season, ice cream will be available from 1 – 9 pm seven days a week. This weekend will be a little different though. The hours will remain the same, but after serving up sundaes, ice cream sandwiches, DAD’s rootbeer floats and of course ICE CREAM for a whole year, the Sunnuck family decided that it was high time for a celebration, and of course it will be held British-style! There will be colouring contests for the kids, British trivia (correct answers scoop you ice cream upgrades), a visit from a real London taxi cab on Saturday, and a fiddler tempting your dancing feet on Sunday! There is even rumours that the Queen herself is interested in stopping by for a kiddie cone (or was that a double scoop waffle cone?) on Sunday between 2 – 4 pm, so make sure to bring your camera! Neil, Melissa and their two children will certainly welcome you with their signature smiles and whatever flavour of ice cream you desire.

What flavour is your favourite?

Black Sweet Cherry (no sugar added)
Blueberry Cheesecake
Butterscotch Ripple
Caramel Turtle & Fudge
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Cotton Candy
Lime Sherbert
Maple Walnut (no sugar added)
Mint Chip
Orange Sherbert
Pralines & Cream
Raspberry & Truffles
Toffee Cashew Crunch

Brownie Skor
Chocolate Chip

Abigail & Austin Approved!