A short week ago, we were looking for a break in the rain. This week, a break in the humidity might be nice. Yes, we are under an extreme heat alert, with the humidex pushing temperatures into the 40s this week. The Middlesex London Health Unit issued the area’s second heat alert of the year yesterday, and it is expected to last until Thursday. I’d say that’s a perfect time to find any way possible to escape the heat in London, Ontario.

Escape the Heat

  • Have you been to the beach yet? Now is certainly the time! Grab your swimsuit, towel, a beach umbrella and don’t forget your sunscreen! Make sure you drink plenty of water while you are there.
  • You are never too old for a splash park. The City of London operates splash pads at several locations between 9am and 9pm. This is a great way to cool down fast, plus it’s FREE!

    Splash Pads are a great way to beat the heat

      • Gibbons
      • Rowntree
      • Lambeth
      • Forks of Thames
      • Kiwanis
      • West Lions
      • Bonaventure
      • Jesse Davidson
      • South East Optimist
      • Oakridge
      • Ed Blake Park
      • Medway
  • If a splash park isn’t your thing, head to one of London’s many Libraries or Community Centres. They’ve got air conditioning, activities planned throughout the summer, and are free for you to beat the heat.
  • A cool shower can bring your body temperature down quick

    Another great way to cool off is to step into a cool and refreshing shower or bath. Whether you have air conditioning at home or not, a quick trip into a stream of cool water will bring your body temperature down and help you to cope with the  extreme heat we are suffering through.

  • Along the same kind of lines, bring down your core temperature with cool cloths to the body. How about tucking a set of sheets into the freezer, pulling them out at bedtime, and melting into their cool, crisp embrace to drift off to dreamland.
  • How about a spritz every now and then? If jumping into the shower every 10 minutes isn’t possible, but you need something more than a damp towel on your head, then how about a spritz bottle to prevent a meltdown. Start at your wrists and move on from there.
  • Take regular breaks to ensure you keep cool during the heat of the day

    Take a break. From whatever activity you are doing. Even if that is typing away at your computer. Make sure your computer takes a break too, as when it goes into a low-power state it will produce less heat. Doesn’t that make sense all around?

  • What about the obvious one – drink more water! Skip the colas, coffees and coolers. Alcohol, caffeine and sugary sodas just dehydrate you. Stick to fruit juices, sports drinks and good old-fashioned water to quench your thirst.
  • Prevent temperatures from soaring in your home in the first place. Keep blinds closed during the day to keep the sun’s punishing rays out. Open windows at night to let in the cooler breezes. Don’t use the oven or stove to heat up your home. Turn off the lights to reduce your power usage and any heat that your light bulbs create. Set your thermostat to a comfortable temperature for when you are home, but allow it to raise during periods when you aren’t home (programmable thermostats save you energy and money). Think smarter, not harder!

How are you beating the heat wave in Southwestern Ontario this week?