A chill is in the air. Many seasonal cottages and trailer parks either closed Thanksgiving weekend, or will be closed by the end of the month. Around your home, outdoor plants have gone dormant or died off for the season. In good news, that means that you don’t have to mow your lawn, but the weatherman has warned that you might want to dig out your snow shovels before too much longer. Time is ticking and Old Man Winter is on the way!

In the grand scheme of things, it might sound like you can nestle in for a long winter’s nap, but there are still a few loose ends that need to be tidied up before you hibernate til spring. I am talking about where to store all your summer fun bits. Think your boat, sea-do, motorcycle, quad, or trailer/RV. Unless you live on a large piece of property, you have to figure out where to put all your larger extra-curricular toys. I hate to tell you, but your sailboat will just take up too much room in the driveway (although you wouldn’t have to shovel underneath it!).

So until they perfect shrink-wrapping a vintage vehicle into a postage stamp, you need to look farther afield for storage solutions. In London, we are lucky to have a few options available. There are plenty of storage companies with units large and small both indoors and out.

  • There are plenty of Indoor and Outdoor Storage options in London

    City Centre Storage: 3 locations around London; Indoor and Outdoor storage, as well as Portable Storage units perfect for vehicles. Portable storage units have wooden floors that don’t suck moisture of rubber tires, and are air tight to protect your vehicle from critters who might want to bed down in your car’s electrical system, as well as our harsh winter climate.

  • Forest City Mini Storage: 471 Third St, London; Indoor and Outdoor storage. Reasonable rates. Outdoor storage for RVs, cars and boats. Indoor units suitable for cars and motorcycles.
  • Midtown Storage: 2 locations in London; Convenient Outdoor storage for cars, boats, motorcycles, trailers, and RVs at 151 Thompson Rd location. Indoor storage available for cars and motorcycles at both locations. Open 7 days a week.
  • Don’t forget to leave room to get out of your vehicle when you store it indoors

    Store-N-Save Self Storage: 2 locations in London; Indoor and Outdoor storage. Private lock and key for indoor units. 24-hour surveillance to protect your valuables.

  • London Self Storage: 3425 Roe St; Indoor and Outdoor storage. Keypad entry and 24-hour surveillance. Professional advice from storage experts.
  • Hully Gully: 1705 Wharncliffe Rd S; The Ultimate Toy Store not only sells toys, but can also winterize and store them for you too! They detail crafts, winterize engines, shrink-wrap boats, and have limited storage available. Plus you can do a little shopping before next year and upgrade your summer toys for the 2014 season.

Not everyone has speed boats that they worry about in the winter though. If you love your plants as much as your convertible, why not contact Heeman’s (20422 Nissouri Rd) for your winter plant storage. They can take tender loving care of your tropicals and cold-sensitive plants until the warm weather returns in the Spring. The Greenhouses are there for a reason, so why not take advantage today! They are open Monday to Friday 8 am – 6 pm and Saturdays 8 am – 5 pm. Plus you can pick up your Fall decor items while you are out there to add a seasonal touch to your home.