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Just as farmers are hard at work harvesting their crops from the field, so too can we start to prepare for the coming winter. With the official start of Autumn less than a week away, I am sure there are many among us that have turned their minds to getting ready for the shorter, cooler days and long winter nights that are on the way. It is time to put away shorts and tanks, and prepare for the cooler temperatures that Fall. Perhaps you should take a page from area farmers and work by the light of the Harvest Moon this week to get your life organized for Fall.

By the Light of the Harvest Moon

Apple chips are a great way to capture the taste of warmer days come the chill of winter

If you are going to work by the light of the harvest moon, why not start with harvesting some of this season’s bounty from the fields yourself? Grab the family and head out to pick apples, pears, or a pumpkin or two. Another option is to hit a farm stand or farmers market to cash in on all the season’s best produce out there. Once you get it home the fun really begins. While eating the produce fresh is satisfying, if you have brought home 10 lbs of beets or a bushel of apples, you might want to think of other ways to use all that yummy goodness. Why not try your ┬áhand at canning this year! Tomatoes are a simple choice to start with in the canning department and a great way to save some of the many pounds of juicy vegetable (fruit?) to enjoy in the depth of winter. Apple sauce is another easy option and will be appreciated in any child’s lunch all winter long. If canning isn’t your cup of tea, you can always freeze corn, beans, berries, tomatillos and other fresh produce, to savour later. Yet another option to capture the summer’s best is through drying. I bet there won’t be anyone else with dried pear chips at school, but they will be lining up to taste your delicious creations!

Autumn is the perfect time to reorganize your closet

Once you step out of the kitchen, head to the bedroom. You might still want to be wearing shorts in the afternoon, but sweaters are pretty handy first thing in the morning. You may think that you can put it off for a bit, but I think its time to say goodbye to your summer wardrobe Londoners. This is a perfect time to assess, clean and organize your closets too, by the way. If there are items you never wore this past season, pull them out and put them aside for your donation pile. Stained, ripped or threadbare articles can be tossed. All other summer attire can be stored for the season. Think storage totes with tight-fitting lids or vacuum packing items to reduce the space that they take up in storage. Next step is doing a deep clean of your drawers and closets. Empty your drawers and replace your drawer liners. Dust closet shelves once they are empty. Invest in closet organizers to maximize your space available. Don’t forget to vacuum your space while you are at it. That will mean a clean space to replace all your sweaters, long pants, wool skirts and other pieces of your Fall/Winter wardrobe. That way you can also see what you have and know if you need to replace or buy other must-have items this Fall.

Fall Colours don’t have to be drab in your home

The chill of the harvest moon also reminds us that cooler nights are ahead. It’s time to throw down thicker area rugs, hang curtains to keep the day’s heat inside even after the sun has set for the day, and perhaps change-up the palette of your decor. Maybe a splash of pumpkin in a cashmere throw might warm up your beige living room. How about other accent pieces (ie, vase, candles, picture frames) in Samba, Sunflower or Deep Lichen Green to bring the outdoors in. And before you are shivering too much, order a load of firewood in anticipation of sitting fireside this coming winter.


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