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For the first weekend of summer (at least by Canadian standards), I have to say it was a pretty sweet one. How many of you made it up to your cottages or trailers to open them up for the season? I hope that you didn’t have to spend all weekend cleaning cobwebs, before getting to enjoy the beauty weather we were graced with. For those of you who stayed in town, raise your hand if you managed to get your pool open (Ok, what’s your address?). I jest, but I would be more than happy to try out your new diving board, if you need a hand with that.

The start of the summer season doesn’t always go smoothly though, I do realize. Sometimes you discover last year’s hose has a split in it or the barbeque just might not make it through another season. I hope you made it to the LCBO before you started your projects, as sometimes a drink is all that rewards you for your efforts when simple projects go awry. How long is your list of projects around the house now? Maybe you need to make another run to the beer store and hardware store before the next weekend is upon us. Let’s start with that list though, shall we?

Early Summer Projects


  • As you will be standing in front of it more days than not when the mercury climbs, it is time to thoroughly clean your BBQ and its lines. Install new burners, briquettes and dump or replace your grease pan, as necessary. If rust is materializing, thoroughly clean your barbeque, then apply a fresh coat of paint. It will be good as new in no time, so don’t forget a trip to the butcher for some steaks on your way home from the hardware store!
  • Now take a look at your deck. Are there any punky boards that are in need of being replaced? Do you see the odd nail or two sticking up in spots? Grab your hammer and give them a smash. Will you be picking slivers out of your feet all summer from the rough spots here and there? Think sandpaper my friend. Could it use a fresh coat of stain or sealant to extend its life? Perhaps it is time to get on that too!
  • While you are thinking wood, cast your gaze to the fence. The same story goes here. Do you need to reapply stain? Are there any boards or sections that need replacing there? Don’t forget that good fences make for good neighbours, so make sure you maintain yours.
  • How about a wander through your gardens now. Have you staked all those tomatoes that you planted last weekend? Victoria Day weekend traditionally marks the last of your frost warnings, so it is time to get your annuals in. What about putting up a trellis for your roses, peas, beans and clematis. Don’t forget to put rings around your peonies or other bushy plants that might fall over when they get bigger later in the season.
  • If you have one, it is also a good idea to check your sprinkler system to make sure that all your sprinkler heads are working properly. Straighten any heads that are leaning. Replace broken or malfunctioning heads as necessary. You will be glad that you did, when you don’t have to worry about pulling a tangled hose all over your yard in a few weeks.
  • Another way to reduce your workload in the garden this summer is by applying a layer of mulch around your plants. This will help to keep precious moisture in and those pesky weeds to a minimum. You and your plants will appreciate this as the long hot days of summer hit.


Have fun with that my friends! And don’t forget to make sure your Air conditioner is working too. I suspect it is going to be a hot one this summer!


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